Amazons WIP

I will talk about amazons in a moment but let me set the scene for a second – one of the challenges that occurred to me when I started to write and self publish the dungeons and dragons and roleplay supplements were the illustrations. Whilst I have some small skill in drawing I am very out of practice and if I am to write, edit and produce to the volume and degree that I am hoping to I simply don’t have the time to be producing drawings as well.

I figured I couldn’t be the only person with this issue so I went out and did some research … long story* short I am going to use one of my favourite set of artworks to illustrate my upcoming publication on Amazons as a race option for fifth edition dungeons and dragons. As well as a publication on their home island.

Turns out that prior to a certain date art becomes copyright free – having been a life long fan of the pre-raphaelites I am totally excited to be able to use their artwork to illustrate my humble words!

So the above picture can be for the section on the sirens who protect the island from invaders whilst perhaps the follow illustrates the sorrow that such activity brings to the amazons – caring, as they do, even for the misguided people who try to invade.

And then the following might get used to illustrate their contemplative nature.

The potential is vast and I’m very excited to have an excuse to spend hours online browsing some of my favourite artwork!

The Amazons as a race should be ready for release mid-September with their island paradise coming out late September.

Until next time; happy gaming!


*(which I will recount more fully later)

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