Monday Morning Moments 03 – City Story Hooks

Monday Morning Moments 03 – City Story Hooks

Have some free story hooks from us at The Grinning Frog.

It’s always handy to have a few of these lying around in the back of your DM notes. That way you can throw in a tantalising side trip for the players or simply enrich the world in which they are moving through. After all, their adventure is not the only one happening!

In whatever way you use them we trust they will enhance your game!

You can download a pdf of the storyhooks by clicking here: Monday Morning Moments 003 – City Story Hooks

City Story Hooks

  1. A wanted assassin ‘the nightingale’ is rumoured to be in town for an assassination. A large reward has been offered for their capture. A town surgeon named Gulliver is reputed to know the identity of nightingale but he has gone missing
  2. A trade delegation has arrived in town from a rival city. Whilst tensions are high it is hoped that a trade deal might be struck at last.
  3. A wanted woman ‘Lysinda the Fang’ is on the run having broken out of jail. She is wanted on multiple counts of murder. It is rumoured that in fact she is a werewolf.
  4. The royal gardens are holding an open day next week to celebrate the successful growing of some rare fruits by their head gardener.
  5. A magic helmet has been stolen from the city armoury. A large reward is being offered for its return. No details of its magical properties are being given but apparently it was the personal property of the guard captain and kept securely locked away.
  6. A low-life contact has word that a mysterious collector known only as Ambrose would like to hire a team to steal a certain magical portrait for him. The job needs to be done within the month.
  7. People are saying that one of the statues of a winged Valkyrie in the Temple of Speed has come to life and flown away. It certainly isn’t in the temple any more!
  8. The local Lord is granting audience to anyone with a grievance or complaint. It is expected that there will be some contentious scenes and that there might be a need for someone to investigate the claims and accusations made.
  9. Cellars across the city have been mysteriously flooding overnight. Once a cellar floods it doesn’t appear to flood again but people would like it to stop. Several merchant firms have had stock damaged from the flooding.
  10. A new tavern, “The Kings Seat” has finished being built and is due to open next week.

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