Our Story

Okay so we’ve gone about this in what many will think of as a backward way. We have been busy writing and publishing supplements for open systems and dungeons and dragons specifically for a few months now instead of working on our own website … so this is all very bare bones right now.

We took the view that we had ideas and publications we wanted to share so why wait? Get those out there for DM’s and players to enjoy and we can sort out own house out later.

You can find us on drivethrumedia and also The Dungeon Masters Guild.

Popular works include:

20 Quick Dwarf NPCs
20 Quick Elf NPCs
20 Quick Tiefling NPCs
50 Quick Human NPCs
20 Quick Dragonborn NPCs
20 Quick Halfling NPCs
20 Quick Goblin NPCs
Cunningly Creative Corridors
20 Quick Half-Orc NPCs

Have a check through of those and in the meantime we will keep writing and slowly, very slowly, keep building our website.

More coming soon …