Busy Building the Website

So, here at The Grinning Frog we are working on the website … clearly! What can you expect when it’s ready?

RPG Workshop: Which outlines the work in progress for the RPG supplements I am producing including new creatures, monsters, races, locations, magic items…I’ve probably forgotten a few things but you get the drift. In short, I will be blogging and talking about the creative journey. And, as those of you who do similar things will know – that’s never a simply journey!

On a metaphorical level I think it’s very similar to the typical adventure that our characters go into – they get an idea (sometimes presented to them), go off in pursuit of it, and during that pursuit get a little bloodied and bruised. And then finally when they reach their destination it isn’t always quite what they expected. Sounds like a typical dungeons and dragons adventure to me!

All views (apart from racist, sexist or anything *ist) are welcome!

RPG Reviews: Now, these will, for the most part, be smaller independent supplements and articles. There are plenty of places reviewing the latest hardback from Wizards of the Coast so my thought, at this stage is to stay clear of that. I will also be reviewing miniatures and gaming accessories. I recognise that not everyone uses these when they game but hey, don’t read that review then! Personally, I love miniatures and any accessory that makes the game go faster and smoother is a plus in my book!

Dungeon Master Thoughts: In those blog I’m going to be sharing ideas, opinions and general gaming thoughts.  The focus will be from the dungeon master side of the table but I will also talk about, and to, you players who never DM. This will be the general discussion catagory and I do hope that indeed there will be some good discussions had. BLogging and writing without feedback is pretty grim so anytime you read something you’d like to comment on then go for it – all views (apart from racist, sexist or anything *ist) are welcome!

So, that’s what is planned … time I went off and started on it…but whilst I have to go and work on the website if you have the time you might enjoy browsing some of our roleplay supplements for sale on the Dungeon Masters Guild.

So far we have produced a short range of NPC supplements, a cunning corridor collection for dungeon masters to challenge, confound and hopefully delight their players with and a range of inspirational maps and stories following the adventures of a thief (he’s old school) called Jimmy the Quick. Entertaining, inspirational and in fact you can get them for free if you want!

Here are links to one of each:

Free introduction and corridor via the above link

Free preview and NPC via the above link

Also available: Human, Tiefling, Dragonborn, Halfing, Goblin

Another 41 available … and all on a Pay What You Want basis – so even free!

Right, off to build the website…

Until next time; happy gaming!