Into the Dark - Quickstarter!

Launching on 17 September 2020 at 5pm GMT this is a special edition of our monthly RPG magazine the Dungeon Masters Adventure Pack!

This is a Quickstarter because the campaign will only run for two weeks and will be fulfilled 2 days after completion!

Yes, the magazine will be sent to backed on the 2nd October!

The magazine will then go on general release at AlbaCon the virtual Scottish charity convention being held on the 3rd and 4th October.

The magazine is jam packed!

  • Non Player Characters (NPCs)

  • NPC organisation

  • Magic Items

  • Mining Hazards Table

  • DM Advice - In Memoriam

  • DM Advice - Using Young NPCs in RPGs

  • DM Advice - Best Adventures Played (as recommended by panellists appearing at AlbaCon)

  • DM Advice - Top Tips for Players

  • DM Advice - Top Tips for DMs

  • Mining Trinkets and Treasures

  • Story Hooks

  • Young NPC Generator Table

  • Full adventure including environmental hazards and unique monsters!


Still being finished off it is already 44 pages long! We are in the process of sourcing additional material from our fellow panellists!

Click here
to register on Kickstarter for the launch!

Click here
to register on Kickstarter for the launch!

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