Rebrand, redesign and relaunch of our popular RPG magazine

This is a Quickstarter because the campaign will only run for one week and will be fulfilled on 28 November 2020!


Yes, the magazine will be sent to backer within a week of the campaign ending!

The magazine is jam packed!

  • DM Advice

  • Non Player Characters (NPCs)

  • NPC organisations

  • Magic Items

  • Trinkets and Treasures

  • Story Hooks

  • Locations

To give you an idea about Novembers swamp themed issue we take a look at lizardfolks - which we call lizardkin - and introduce you to three different kinds. We also talk about their culture and present a whole bunch of NPCs that live in the swamp. These include renegades on the run from the law, native inhabitants - both lizardkin and other species as well as several 'outsiders' who have relocated to the swamp for various reasons. NPCs range from young to very old (we call them 'wise') and there are connecting stories between some of them. 

Comes it at a healthy 53 A4 pages, fully illustrated of course!

Click here
to visit the Kickstarter!

Click here
to visit the Kickstarter!

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