Have some free adventures on us...

Each adventure comes on two maps - one is simply a map with room numbers on which is safe to give to your players. The second map contains notes from Jimmy the Quick, legendary rogue and adventurer who undertook the adventure assignment for the reasons that will be noted on the maps!


The diligent sort, Jimmy has helpfully indicated the types of traps, treasures and adversaries that he encountered. He might also gripe and complain a little but that's Jimmy - he can be a bit precious about things sometimes and he does hate to ruin a good cloak!


Feel free to use his observations as the basis for adventuring with your gaming parties. Simply by adding stats to the creatures and items listed you will have a ready made adventure. Alternatively, sit back and enjoy reading the trials and tribulations of a thief who whilst perhaps not as good as he'd like you to think he is, he is still pretty good!

Never trust a rogue, they are but a thief by another name.

RPG Rule #3