Launching on 18 October 2020 at 5pm GMT this is a book of two halves - Games Master Guide and Inspirational Art Book!

System-neutral this is suitable for anyone who plays any fantasy RPGs or anyone who loves fantasy art!

Over 300 pages (approx) and including 200 artists, over 450 works of art and dozens of creative questions, exercises, prompts and tips - this is a book that entertains and educates!

We guarantee you, or the GM you buy it for, will both benefit and enjoy this book whether they simply browse the art or study the exercises prompts and tips!

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us so we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee on the hard-backed edition

If you, or the person you bought it for, doesn't think it's truly beautiful to look at, or useful, then we will refund you!

We are sure that won't happen - see the content outlined in the box on the right and sample page layouts below.


Note, the book is still being finished so samples might change!


Early-bird backers have the option to suggest content ideas and all backers will be listed in the final book - both the pdf version and the hard-backed edition! 

Fulfilment will be early December so this makes a perfect Christmas gift for the GM/DM/fantasy art lover in your life!


First half of the book (125pgs ~)

  • Adventure Design

  • Characters

  • Action

  • Creatures

  • Magic

  • Story Telling


Each section contains multiple:

  • Creative exercises

  • Quotes (from famous creatives)

  • GM writing, design and gaming advice

  • Fabulous art

  • Picture prompt questions

  • Gaming resources

Second half of the book (125pgs ~)

  • A - Z Art Gallery of Creatures

We have chosen one creature for each letter of the alphabet (okay we cheated with X).


Each creature is presented in multiple images and multiple art styles​ ranging across classic line drawings, sketches, water colours, digital art, 3D modelled work and more.

As an example M is for Merfolks - there are eight pages of fabulous art and currently fourteen images. S is for Skeletons - there are ten pages of images and twenty one inspirational images.

Even in this section we have enhanced the images with quotes, creative prompts and RPG observations relating to the images.


  • A4 landscape, 170gsm paper, hard-backed

  • Estimated 300+ pages*

  • PDF also available

*Final page count will be determined by the volume of early-bird backer contributions.

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Click here
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