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Angel Bane - Magic Weapon

"Welcome, welcome to the most magnificent emporium of magic items in this plane of existence. My name is Lucan, and whatever your party needs I will be able to provide - for the right price of course."

This week we have a special magic item, perhaps a little taboo in some quarters but this might fetch a good price to the right collectors or come in handy if one of the blessed ones gets a little out of hand. Sadly, I only have the Major version in stock. The weaker and stronger versions are out of stock currently. Still, this one might give you and edge.

Here, why don't you give it a swing and see how it feels?"

Angel Bane, Major

Weapon (maul), rare +2

The angels of heaven fight an ongoing battle on more than one front – both demons and devils directly oppose them, theologically and examples of these weapons can be found created by both fiendish races.

Carved from the thigh bone of a demon and inscribed with runes of hatred and loathing for all things celestial this weapon radiates infernal evil.

When activated, (typically by a verbal command of hatred) this weapon grants the wielder with advantage against celestial beings on their next attack roll.

Additionally, if the weapon hits, even if it fails to cause damage, the target is unable to fly for five minutes. A cure afflictions spell, or similar magic, cancels this effect.

Once used this power cannot be used until after a short or long rest.

Lawful good clerics or paladins are unlikely to be able to use this weapon.

Stats above are for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition


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