Announcing our first collaboration

Hey all,

So this is very exciting. We have teamed up with Trinity Knot Studio to provide a discount to backers of our next publication - Fight Club: Arena.

This is an entry for the Kickstarter zinequest 3 campaign which celebrates and promotes 'zine sized publications. It's a hark back to the old days of gaming where you didn't always get these massive hardbacked books that we expect nowadays.

Kickstarter run the event annually, this is the third year, and the first that we've taken part in - Trinity Knot Studio teamed up with some one else last year and I wasn't doing this sort of thing back then!

Between us we've run 17 crowdsourcing campaigns and the nice thing here is that with Trinity running the back end process (shipping etc) it means that both zines can be bought at a small discount and shipped for the same cost as shipping one of them!

The full details can be seen here on the Kickstarter page.

You can also read more on via the Kickstarter tab at the top of the page.

In brief Caswarren Docks is a legacy location guide - which is a super funky and clever idea that we wish we'd though of ourselves! You are provided with a location guide and then there are three options for the locations within the area. You pick the one you want, put down the sticker containing that option into the book and - boom - you now have a unique area that you created!

Fight Club: Arena is a complete gamebook that enables you to fight through five challenging brutal combats to become arena champion. But as you might face a giant, succubus, orc or flying chaos beast and your sword might break or your arm get shattered it isn't an easy task!

Lots of fun to be had with both. Do come and check it out - goes live Tuesday 9th February at 5pm UK time!

The full details can be seen here on the Kickstarter page.


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