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Avian Control Ring - Magic Item

"Welcome, welcome to the most magnificent emporium of magic items in this plane of existence. My name is Lucan, and whatever your party needs I will be able to provide - for the right price of course."

This week we have a special little item much beloved of farmers and fishermen. Now, I know you spend more time fighting beasties than trawling for fish but you never know when this might come in handy - want to fly a flock of ravens into the giants face so you can disembowel him whilst he's blinded? This will do the trick.

Why don't you try it on?"

Avian Control Ring

Wondrous item (ring), uncommon

A sought-after item by farmers and fishermen, this lets them keep birds away from their crops or hauls.

The wearer is aware of the location and can influence the behaviour of all normal birds within a 150 ft. radius. This includes having them fly in formation, attack, stand still or perform any other action they are normally capable of performing.

Once per week they can also summon to them all the birds from a 500 ft. radius whether they can see them or not. Once used this power cannot be used again until the wearer has been woken from sleep by a dawn chorus (i.e. birdsong in the morning).

Stats above are for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition


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