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Bad Penny Coin - Magic Item

"Welcome, welcome to the most magnificent emporium of magic items in this plane of existence. My name is Lucan, and whatever your party needs I will be able to provide - for the right price of course.

This week we have a small bit interesting little trinket. For those of you who like to gamble a little with the fates this item might just make all the difference at the right moment!

Why don't you hold it whilst I explain?"

Bad Penny Coin

Wondrous item, uncommon

An old copper coin that has the face of a mature woman on one side and a sunrise on the other. Despite the coin’s fickle nature, this is popular amongst those adventurers who like a gamble. Also, despite the coin’s potential drawback, it can sometimes make the difference that is needed at the time!

The first time the coin is tossed on a day it grants the individual 20 temporary hit points. Unfortunately, if it landed with the woman’s face uppermost then the individual is unable to regain any hit points, by any means other than through a long rest.

After a single long rest, this curse is lifted.

Stats above are for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

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