Campaign Coins Crit or Fail Coin Review

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I’ve heard of Campaign Coins before although until this purchase I’ve never seen their products in real life. Like most RPGers, I’m a sucker for little bits and pieces that you can hold, throw or toss during a game!

I have the D2 coin from Paladin Roleplaying ( (review coming soon) and I was interested in similar coins. Specifically, I was interested in cheaper ones I could purchase for my players as a small Easter gift.

The majority of the players are on a health kick, so a chocolate egg wasn’t going to be quite the right gift for them.

Having a browse around I saw the D20 Crits or Fails coin from Campaign Coins on eBay for what was going to work out at £2 per coin (for a set of 5) all-inclusive of shipping from Australia to the UK. Which frankly is a pretty good deal!

It was Campaign Coins themselves who were selling the items (I do like to buy direct) so I ordered them and they arrived promptly (ordered in January so pre-virus postal issues) which was great. I had been concerned by international shipping delays but there weren’t any – in fact, they arrived before their due date. Top marks there.

First Reaction


Yes, that’s it in a word. I got them out and they seemed – small. They are also light in the hand and are just a little underwhelming.

Bear in mind that I was excited about these arriving. I thought it was a neat little gift for the players and we’d be able to use them during our games. I’d also heard good things about Campaign Coins, the pictures look good and when I’ve seen them in other people’s pictures (Dyson Logos I’m thinking of you here) they look great. So, my expectations were up.

What I saw on looking at them was something just frankly too small, that felt light in the hand and was a little embarrassing to give as a gift. So much so that I put them back in their bag and put them in a drawer.

Considered Reaction

They are still small.

I mean, they weren’t going to magically grow I accept that but they still look small.

However… they might be fit for purpose. Sadly, not as a gift. As a gift they are still a bit small – unless you hand them out as a very minimal casual gift to a group ‘hey, I got one of these for all of you’ type of thing. That would work. As an individual gift for one person, they are a bit nothing.

For use at the table, they are okay. They are large enough to toss up into the air with your thumb, palm and display as you would when tossing heads or tails on a coin.

What is interesting is that I think the company realise there is a problem as on the item listing on the website is has the following note:

Note: This listing is for our original D20 Coin. In March 2019 we released our new Epic D20 Coins, which we Kickstarted in 2018. The Epic coins are larger (39mm), thicker (3mm), heavier and more detailed, and retail for USD $19.99 for a set of 5.

Which is all well and good but doubles the cost.

The other issue I have about size is that I find the description, both on ebay and their website, to be somewhat misleading. Indeed, in the first draft of this review I thought it was downright inaccurate.

Here's the thing. The coins are described as 30mm - consider what your expectations are with that statement for a second then read on...

Ebay Listing D20 COINS GOLD (5-pack) 30mm size metal dice 20 die token RPG Campaign Coins

Website 30mm / 1-1/8" in diameter, and 2mm / 5/64" thick

Take a look at the pictures below:

They are 26mm ~ 1 inch WIDE. The dimension you will actually hold and view them in.

I messaged the company and their response clears this up this point although I'm still not pleased.

Thanks for checking in, Stephen, and for reviewing us! We measure our molds by the longest axis. 26mm side to side but 30mm top to bottom. It would definitely have more mass if round! Cheers, Mark

My expectations with coins are that they are going to measure the same in each dimension (because all the coins I've ever used in the real world are round)... I'd wager you had the same expectation when you read the '30mm' description before the pictures above. Now, these coins are clearly not round but the lifetime expectation of a circular shaped coin i.e. something equal-sized left to right and top to bottom meant my brain took 30mm and assumed a matching dimension all around. It strikes me that Campaign Coins are also working with that expectation or they would have highlighted the differential on the horizontal axis. They are describing the longest dimension to make the coin seem as large as possible. I get it, I've been in sales and marketing for years. I think they are doing themselves a disservice though. This is setting up an expectation that isn't then realised. A case in point is that I took the size of the coin so seriously before ordering that I got a ruler and measured the distance in my hand so I could make a final decision on the coins. I wasn't looking for a small coin I was looking for one with certain dimensions. And when you consider my biggest issue is the size of the coin it might be that the company should consider a more accurate description to manage people's expectations. Especially because other aspects of the coins are positive. The detailing is lovely. They are lightly, but not distractingly decorated and the etching is nice and deep. When you toss the coins and they land you can instantly see whether you got that all-important 20 or the dreaded 1. A full 2mm thick there is no hint of bending when even a reasonable amount of force is applied. I would fully expect them to last a lifetime of gaming. They are metal and can be made to ‘clink’ in that nice way coins do when fidgeting with more than one in your hand at a time. Would I buy these again? Probably not. I’d either spend double the money and get the larger version from Campaign Coins or look around at who else is doing something similar. Would I buy from the company again? Yes, I would although there will be a level of trepidation before the items arrive.

One-line Summary: Manage your expectations and these are inexpensive little coins that can work well at the table.

Value for money 4

Aesthetics 4

Ease of use/construction 4.5

Fit for purpose 4

Can be purchased here


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I'm not a gamer who buys everything... I'm selective, I read item descriptions, reviews and I look for value. Do understand me - I'm happy to spend money but I want a fair return for it. It's on that basis that I will be reviewing the books, miniatures, rules, supplements and assorted RPG paraphernalia that will be covered in this regular column.

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