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20 Coastal Story Hooks

Updated: Apr 9, 2020


Coastal Story Hooks

  1. A tribe of merfolk have been spotted offshore. Most of locals are worried that they are here to raid the town however a few of the old timers say that the last time so many were seen together they had come looking to aid the locals against a threat from under the waves.

  2. A strange underwater creature has been spotted by local fishermen. They are refusing to fish locally until the creature is identified.

  3. A nest of giant crabs has been discovered on one of the local beaches. To reach the beach you have to climb down the Cliffs of Peril. People are scared about what will happen if the migrate inland or around the bay to the main harbour.

  4. There are a series of underground caves only accessable at certain low tides in the month. Local legends tell of pirates and smugglers using the caves for storing their treasure.

  5. A triton warrior has arrived in town and spends all his time drinking and getting into fights in the local tavern.

  6. Magical lights have been spotted under a popular fishing lake north of the town. Two local men went to investigate, and they haven’t been seen since.

  7. An ornately made, metal horned helmet washed up on shore last night. Exquisitely made it has tiny lettering and symbols etched around the edges. The language is unknown to anyone locally.

  8. Rumour has it that a new drug has hit the streets made from some rare seaweed that was washed ashore recently. Some people say that it grants immunity to pain whilst other say it turns you into a zombie. The authorities are worried.

  9. At high tide last week, a horde of monkeys came ashore in a battered rowing boat. They then ran off into the local forest. They appeared to have been led by a large male gorilla.

  10. A scaled and armoured sea serpent has been disrupting the merchant ships even running two aground and sinking a third. The people are worried that the merchants will stop coming if the matter isn’t resolved.

  11. During a recent storm just off the coast the waves appeared to turn into jagged scales and some boats had their hulls battered and badly scratched.

  12. Last week a local girl went missing after a picnic near a local river.

  13. A new pirate ship has been raiding the merchant vessels close to the shore. The pirates use shields with a red and blue stripped pattern on their front. The appear to be well organised and disciplined.

  14. The main local gang, The Sea Serpents, have been getting more brazen in their street crimes and the rumour is that the authorities are looking for help in clearing out the gang once and for all.

  15. A shield washed up on shore last week. The major is looking after it. The rumour is that it has magical properties.

  16. A new seafood restaurant has opened on the docks. The food is supposed to be amazing.

  17. A strange cactus like plant has been sprouting up just above the high tide mark. It is starting to obstruct the routes to the beaches.

  18. The local inn keeper has been arrested for poisoning one of his customers. Some people say it was his wife’s lover that he poisoned.

  19. The local forge has just finished building a brass and crystal look out telescope for the lighthouse. It’s said to be a wonder to behold.

  20. Strange seaweed swarms have been left on the shore at low tide. They burst and spray acid on anyone who goes close. They drift away again when the tide comes in. There are more and more of them each night.


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