DMAP Issue 2 Coastal Theme - Out Now

Delighted to announce that the Issue 2 of the Dungeon Master's Adventure Pack is now available for purchase. The cheapest way to buy it is through Patreon.

Fully illustrated (by industry professionals Bob Greyvenstein and Jeremy Adams this issue) it is brimming with random tables, NPCs, story ideas and more!

All system-neutral so it is good for use in ANY fantasy RPG system.

In Issue 2 you get
  • 44 Pages of content

  • 30 Story Hooks

  • 2 Organisations

  • 14 Pirate NPCs

  • Pirate Organisational Chart

  • 4 Coastal NPCs

  • 3 Creatures

  • 6 Magic Items (plus 2 variations)

  • 2 Festivals and Events

  • 20 Trinkets and Treasures

  • 4 Locations (including an arepeligo)

  • 12 Things to See

  • 1 Picture Story Prompt

  • 6 Random Encounters in an Underwater Grotto

Sample pages

Sample NPC page

Multiple sample pages - Things to See, Coastal Festivals and Events, Coastal Organisations...

Feedback on Issues O and 1 have been outstanding:

"Beautiful layout"

Professional creative

"So imaginative and creative."

Experience RPG gamer

"Fabulous artwork"

Professional Editor

"You've knocked it out of the ballpark!"

Magazine Professional

Take a look at the Patreon page - we have over a hundred subscribers through our Kickstarters but looking to get the Patreon tribe built up now!


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