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Fantasy RPG Story Prompt 01

We thought this might be fun - we will share a copyright free image once a week and list some questions that might get your creative dungeon master juices flowing.

  1. Who are these couple?

  2. What are their true agenda's?

  3. How loyal are they to each other?

  4. What is the relationship between them?

  5. Who do they know that they could introduce the party to?

  6. In what ways could they help the party?

  7. In what ways could they hinder the party?

  8. How trustworthy are they?

  9. What do they know about the parties business and history?

  10. Were the party summoned, invited or coerced into the meeting?


Picture Credits

Created by The Grinning Frog team from the following sources

Funny story - when we first uploaded the picture and wrote the blog we thought we were finished - only to realise that the wine glasses actually had lit candles in them which made no sense in a bright room and we had been wanting drinks on the table! We changed that...

Picture License

This image is released under a CC0 licence and may be used freely for any purpose.

No link back or attribution is required. Have fun with it!


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