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Fantasy RPG Story Prompt 04

We thought this might be fun - we will share a copyright free image once a week and list some questions that might get your creative dungeon master juices flowing.

  1. How hurt is the prisoner?

  2. Who is he?

  3. What did he do to end up down here?

  4. Have they been trying to get information from him?

  5. What has he told them and what has he held back?

  6. Will he live long enough to be rescued by the party?

  7. Who's the dark elf?

  8. Why's she dressed for a ball?

  9. Is this the palace dungeon? (Which might explain the ball gown.)

  10. What's her interest in the prisoner?

By the way - the picture is entitled "Inspecting the Prisoners" - in the plural because it was larger and we cropped it to try to get it right - see below!


Picture Credits

Created by The Grinning Frog team - created a while ago and we don't have the component sources on this one, sorry!

(We never quite felt we got this picture right - we've tried inking, blending, painting it... what you see is version #15 or so!)

Picture License

This image is released under a CC0 licence and may be used freely for any purpose. No link back or attribution is required. Have fun with it!


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