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Fantasy RPG Story Prompt 11

Feel free to download the image and use it as you wish. Each week we upload a royalty free image and list some questions to get your creative dungeon master juices flowing.

  1. Did she summon the skulls from the dead realm?

  2. Are the skulls trapped inside the orbs?

  3. What dark knowledge does she hope to glean from them?

  4. What dark knowledge do they actually know?

  5. How willingly will they share their knowledge with her?

  6. What did she have to sacrifice to trigger the spell?

  7. What's her connection to the skulls?

  8. When they communicate with her is it outloud or psychically?

  9. How is it the flames don't hurt her?

  10. If her motives were fully known would she be viewed as a morally good or bad person?

  11. Who else knows she is performing this magic?

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Picture Credits:

Manipulation: The Grinning Frog team


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