Kickstarter Fulfilment To Do List

Well, the Kickstarter was a great success – 301% funded with over 100 backers- thank you all!

Fulfilment is now key and that’s what I’m working on right now and here is a breakdown.

The backers, depending on pledge level, get a number of items:

  • The Three Trials of Abrina Adventure – Due April

  • Notes of a PredatorDue April - six illustrated traps with additional journal entries Abrina Level backers also get a further two illustrated traps with journal entries

  • Twelve Quick Travelling NPCs (Early bird reward) – Due April

Stretch goals
  • 4 Pre-generated charactersDue April

  • An additional encounter in the Field of PoppiesDue April - including a new undead creature, terrain feature and magic sword.

  • Three backers also took up the limited availability tiers which I will outline in a different blog entry – suffice to say right now I am exited about working with these three to design the elements for the next adventure coming to Kickstarter in May!


Journal of a Predator – Due May – twenty illustrated traps with journal entries

My list of things to do is currently

Due April

  • The Three Trials of Abrina Adventure – retool certain scenes including adding an additional challenge in the Maze which is the environment for the third of the three trials. Also, adding a puzzle challenge to the exit of the second challenge set in the Field of Poppies.

Both events also allow for two scripted appearances for Abrina which might help DM’s who weren’t sure when to have her ‘pop up’. By having her turn up at those two locations the relationship between her and the players, whether positive or otherwise, can be deepened.

I’m under no obligation to make these changes as this wasn’t a stretch goal or a pledge tier but I think it will improve the adventure so I’m going to put the time into making those changes.

  • Notes of a Predator – this is complete

  • Twelve Quick Travelling NPCs – this is complete

  • 4 Pre-generated characters of a suitable level for the adventure – artwork selected so only the characters themselves to generate and a character sheet to select or design.

  • An additional encounter in the Field of Poppies – including a new undead creature, terrain feature and magic sword. Drafted needs to be formalised, play-tested and written up. Two pieces of artwork drafted up for it although the art is subject to change.

Due May

  • Journal of a Predator – the illustrated traps are complete so only the journal entries to add and the mechanical specifics for the traps.

Due May Kickstarter Launch / June Fulfillment

  • The next adventure (currently untitled) including two Fallen Heroes (dead NPCs) to be designed by pledge backers and The Host designed by a pledge backer. Fully drafted on paper and elements play tested. Unique creature stats fully created and play tested (including flying sharks…).


Currently there have been no setbacks or surprises so everything is on schedule!

I will update again next Tuesday. Until then, stay healthy!




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