Kickstarter Postponed 2 days

Hi all,

The Kickstarter for the above 5e compatible adventure was due to launch today the 23 March however, neither myself nor Kelly, my counterpart at Awfully Queer Heroes, (who this adventure has been created in partnership with) realised that today in Britain it was exactly a year today that our first national lockdown came into force. The day is being treated as a day of reflection and once we realised that we wanted to respect it.

As a result the adventure will be released this Thursday 25th March instead.

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I've personally had two significant anniversaries recently. The first anniversary of the death of a family member, just pre-Covid and the 8th March seeing the launch of my first Kickstarter. That was for The Three Trials of Abrina, the first 5e compatible adventure that I had released publicly.

It was a hopeful experiment to see if there was enough potential to make a living writing RPG material, as I saw the writing on the wall and knew my salaried job was not for lasting. It turns out that I was right on both points. My salaried job went and my full time career as an RPG writer began.

Thanks to the support of fabulous supporters on Kickstarter and twitter (primarily) I've made it to this year with the lights on and most of the bills paid... I've also just had my first round of Covid vaccination and the third national lockdown in Britain has ended.

I hope everyone has a moment today to pause and reflect. As a friend of mine liked to say 'every day is a blessing'. I extend my thanks to everyone in the world who has helped their fellow human have more of those blessings during these challenging times - doctors, nurses, emergency workers, scientists, officials, regular people helping neighbours - everyone who's helped anyone.

And on a personal level, thank you to everyone who's bought one of my products, whether from the webstore, patreon or Kickstarter. Were it not for you my life, and this last year, would have been very different.

I hope in return that my writings brought some pleasure and fun into your gaming lives and helped create some positivity.

If the year taught me anything is that the unlikely can happen, the unseen is out there and there is always hope, no matter how dark it gets.

Thank you all.



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