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The first Kickstarter from The Grinning Frog has been running for 12 days and we haven't mentioned it on our own blog...The Three Trials of Abrina - an original adventure for 5e Dungeons and Dragons.

Launching a Kickstarter is a much bigger exercise than it looks like from the outside. (The digital equivalent of a Tardis!) Hence, I was really quite focused on making the Kickstarter look good and promote it through social media. I then entirely neglected to even mention it on our own website! Lunacy.

The good news is that there are still ten days left so you are welcome to hope over to the Kickstarter page and take a peak!

Pledges start from only £6

There are additional backer levels which provide trap ideas for the DM (£10 including the adventure) done in the in-game style of one of the characters in the adventure- Rutus. Sample page shown below:

Currently at £785 backing we are funded and have just added the following stretch goals:

£1000 Four pre-generated player characters so you can dive straight into the adventure if you so wish - free to all backers

£1200 New journal entries and two extra traps - free for everyone backing at the Abrina Level and above

£1600 New encounter in the Field of Poppies (yes there is a field of poppies in the adventure...that was a secret until now) - free for all backers

£2000 New level to the maze at the end section of the adventure (yes we also kept that a secret!) - free for all backers 

We are also offering to work with backers for the next adventure to enable them to create a character, design a room and even design a key NPC.

Learn more here:

Until next time, stay healthy and enjoy your gaming.



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