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Product Reaper Miniatures Subscription Box

From Mighty Lancer Games

Website https://www.mightylancergames.co.uk/

Cost £20.00 per month

Purchase History

I mentioned this subscription service in passing to my wife last year. I thought if was a neat idea but it's exactly the sort of thing that I struggle to treat myself with - just because I do! Luckily, my wife knowing me well put the subscription in and I've had a box turned up for almost a year now.

For me, the test of this service was the ongoing selection of minis that they added to the box. This isn't set by Reaper but rather done by Might Lancer Games themselves. As I have mentioned in prior reviews I like a good generic set of figures that can have lots of different applications.

Let's see how they got on for the April box.

First Reaction

Interesting, no big creatures this month.

Those of you who read the March review https://www.thegrinningfrog.com/post/reaper-mini-subscription-box-review-march will know there were a couple of big creatures stomping about in that box.

This time we have a box of small folks with one medium sized figure standing out. My second thought was then 'oh, we are going to get quite a few figures then' and indeed we did!

Nine to be specific. (March was seven.)

This was indeed the case and this looks like a great little set.

Considered Reaction

Oh yes, I'm happy with this collection of figures. Now, how can I find the time to kick back and do some figure painting?

Starting with the summary we received three white plastic bones figures with the usual issue of slightly bent/bendy swords and lack of facial detail. To be fair though only one weapon really needed any straightening so not too bad. The white plastic Bones suffer more from odd bending than the grey or dark grey models.

Then five grey plastic figures and a grey plastic tavern bar which I have a suspicion will probably see a lot more game time than everything else combined!

Let's list them quickly:

  1. Kar Drakir Bones #77214 - I don't know exactly what he is but he's some kind of lizard humanoid lizard creature. He's also the largest figure this week and absolutely perfect from his pose, jagged sword and sweeping armour. Lizardfolk feature quite regularly in my Dungeons and Dragons sessions and he's going to be featuring in a leading role in the future. I even like his name!

  2. Aundine, Darl Elf Warrior Bones #77420 - Unlike last time when the 'bad girl' in the box was barely dressed this one has clothes on, instantly making her more useful! She is the only figure that's leaning over from her base but a very simple amount of counter twisting appears to have straightened her out. She is armed with a sword and a twin bladed punching/stabbing weapon in her left hand which differentiates her nicely.

  3. Flara, Elf Heroine Bones #77409 - Her sword is a bit odd and it takes away from her pose which is standing and looking. Nice. A bit unremarkable but certainly usable. I am tempted to cut the blade off her sword though leaving her holding what will look like a short club or axe. (Also her sword is staying resolutely bent!)

  4. Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue Bones #77118 - In other words, a tiefling rogue (which they can't put for copyright reasons) and as such more than welcome! There aren't enough tiefling figures. She's a bit scrawny perhaps but I'm just nit picking here.

  5. Andras, Evil Warrior Bones #77401 - I like him and in all honesty you could use him as a warrior full stop. He hasn't got any trappings that shout 'evil'. Perhaps it was because his face is masked? Nice fighter/warrior figure.

  6. Tavern Bar Bones #77618 - you can see it in the picture. It works just find and I can see it getting a lot of use. The only thing that is a shame about it is that the detailing is only on one side. The reverse is plain 'wood'. It's a heavy, solid piece and exactly the sort of figure no one buys and always wishes they had.

  7. Sir Conlan Bones #77200 - This is a great figure of a hooded warrior with a big sword and shield. One of the things I really like about him though is that the shield does not have a great big cross on it! Rather it has a nice generic geometric pattern. I'm tempted to use him as a player character for myself at some point. If not then a Sir Conlan NPC might well feature in a future adventure I write. Good name, great figure.

  8. Human Warrior Barnabas Bones #77023 - Another nice warrior figure. Big shield, sword - honestly not much to say other than works!

  9. Elladan, Elf Ranger Bones #77071 - He's fine. I'm not a huge elf or ranger fan so I guess my level of enthusiasm is muted here. Also hit weapons are the most bent of them all and that takes away from the figure. My least favourite figure in the box partly due to the above, partly because I have several figures like him but mostly because he just is a bit - average.

Now, the only issue you might have is that we are talking standard Reaper Minis so the facial detail is soft/absent/lacking depending on your view. For example, I know Sir Conlan has some facial detail but I can't tell if he is supposed to be a skeleton or not. I think so but until I put a wash of paint under that hood I can't actually tell.

From a gaming perspective they are fine and satisfy the two foot rule - when painted and two feet away on the table top will they look in? Yes!

One-line Summary: A great subscription box of figures this month. Perfect for anyone playing any fantasy RPG.

Value for money 5

Aesthetics 4

Ease of use/construction 3.5

Fit for purpose 5

Can be purchased here https://www.mightylancergames.co.uk/pages/reaper-bones-monthly-subscription-box

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