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Hi all,

So, we have finally got our groove on at The Grinning Frog headquarters and we are delighted to announce that we will be posting daily RPG material from today. (To be fair to ourselves we actually started last week!)

This will cover a range of material including:

  • Random encounters

  • Story Hooks

  • Magic Items

  • NPCs

  • Locations

  • Reviews

  • News

  • Adventure Maps

  • Royalty-free images

  • DM Tips and Advice

There will be a combination of system free RPG material and Dungeons and Dragons 5e material. We prefer to give away mechanically light material as it can help more of you with your games however we can't ignore the tarrasque in the living room that is DnD5e!

We take a storytelling approach to our fantasy RPG playing so you can rely on the fact that anything that is mechanically described for DnD 5e would be easily adaptable to your RPG gaming system of choice.

Do please bookmark us and return to pick up your free swag! We are also always open to feedback and comments so email us at the address below or comment on the articles themselves.

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We will also have our online shop open soon, launch our Patreon and our second Kickstarter (after fulfilling the first one) but more news on those matters in due course!

Stay healthy and enjoy your gaming.



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