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I list below a newsletter that went out to the mailing list. It gives a quick update on all the things going on at the moment so I thought it might be worth posting on the website as well!



I hope this newsletter find you healthy and well.

You are receiving this email because you have been, or are, a supporter of The Grinning Frog. Maybe you backed a Kickstarter or a Game on Tabletop campaign from me or maybe you bought direct from my website.

I’ve now got too many contacts for my email software to cope with! Hence switching to a Mail Chimp newsletter format to get my updates out.

If you don’t want to receive them then there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom. I’ll be sorry to see you go but I’ll absolutely respect your choice! Personally, I’m very particular about which companies I let message me and it’s only the ones that really do produce products that I like that I let email me.

There is quite a lot going on at the moment and I’ve a few different products coming out.

All the links will be at the bottom of the newsletter for convenience and linked under the items.



I’m going to stick my neck out and say this is the prettiest publication I have ever released. It’s a small, A5 ‘zine sized publication that can be used as a quick conversational filler game, used as a writing tool to develop characters OR be used for personal development and solo journaling.

I’m really quite excited about this. It’s a little unusual, looks amazing and… well, check out the link and see what you think!

It launches on Kickstarter at 5pm UK time on Tuesday 23 February and runs for two weeks


The Oracle

As you know, this is my main product. A monthly RPG magazine that runs to 52 pages (I’ve fixed that as the page count for the time being) and contains a wide range of content – story hooks, GM advice articles, NPCs, locations etc.

Long-time subscribers will have noticed that the content and the look has evolved recently, and I think you will be even more impressed by this month’s issue which focuses on Relationships.

I’m continuing to evolve the layout to make it more magazine like and not just pages and pages of content! I’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the content and I’d like to have the visual experience of reading it match the content. Also – and this might well be news to you – I am now offering the magazine in printed format. This has helped me focus on the layout of the magazine and now I’m more comfortable with the design software I’m using I think you will notice a big different both this month and in coming months. (Indeed, I think you will have noticed it from last month which I thought was quite nice looking!)

I’m also flexing the content and varying what you get including introducing new formats of content. There will be maps, some random tables and even interviews with industry professionals coming in upcoming months.

Issue 9 breaks from the established pattern by focusing on relationships rather than being set in a specific location as the other issues have. I’d be interested to learn what people think to that when they read it. A couple of test readers have seen the content and thought it was excellent so I’m very positive that you will like it!

Issue 10 will feature an advert with freelance fantasy artist Eddie Yorke who produces some amazing work from logos to full colour cover illustrations for games and gamers. Issue 10 does go back to a specific location – namely the Hellscape so expect lots of demons, fiends and cultists. I’ve already written the interview with the demon queen who seduced an angel and written up some fun devil dogs…

The campaign for this is going to be on Game on Tabletop. The preview link is live now and the project itself will go live on Thursday 25 February at 5pm UK time.



Fight Club: Arena / Caswarren Docks

The Kickstarter for this gamebook ends on Tuesday 23 February. Fight Club: Arena is a complete game in a book that allows you to fight against mythical beasts in an arena setting. Win five fights to be crowned Arena Champion… not as easy as it sounds I guarantee!

Caswarren Docks is a product from Trinity Knot Studios. A very clever little location guide for a docklands area where you change the content forever by the addition of stickers – a legacy location guide!

Both ‘zines are available under the same Kickstarter and buying both nets you a discount. All details via the Kickstarter page.

I will say, this hasn’t been as popular as I had hope it was. Possibly it’s just the enormous range of ‘zines that have been on Kickstarter this month (over 700 by some accounts) or maybe Al and I picked projects that just haven’t resonated with people.

It’s a shame as we both have worked hard to produce something new, but these things happen. Possibly we will have a last-minute upswing in backers and maybe they will be slow burn products that will catch on later. I know that I for one will be taking Fight Club: Arena onto Game on Tabletop after the Kickstarter ends and see how the European game market responds to it. I have plans to extend the rule system in the future if there is sufficient interest.



It’s no good crowdsourcing for publications if they don’t get produced so I’ve been busy on those as well:

Vastral’s Guide to Magical Oddities – coming along nice. This is in the early stages, drafting out ideas and swopping around some artwork. I’ve also been in touch with the people who backed for personalised magic item content and at least half of it has been nailed down already which is great!

Advent Calendar 2020 – the printed copies have come in and many of them shipped out. Feedback has consisted of lots of messages that say ‘they look beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ which is lovely to hear. The extra content has been enjoyed by all. A successful project it’s fair to say and there will definitely be another one in December this year. For those of you who missed it, in December backers got to vote daily on the content they received the next day. It was a ton of fun!

The Missing Child – this 5e adventure has gone out to backers. Feedback is very positive although I’ve personally have a few niggles and I might be reworking a couple of bits and sending out updated copies in March/April. I don’t like thinking something could be improved without doing anything about it so I think that will get some more attention shortly.

Lokemaps have hired me to write an adventure which features as a stretch goal on their current Kickstarter. Entitled Incident at Ursula Island it’s a digital only release that uses their battle mats. They don’t know it yet, because they haven’t seen the draft, but it’s going to feature a trio of batkins, and a corrupted genie lamp. This will belong to Lokemaps so I won’t be able to sell it separately.


Hunt for Sunblade Tower is a 5e adventure that I’m writing in collaboration with Awfully Queer Heroes, a writing, drawing and cartography duo who are amazingly talented and really fun to work with! It’s a prequel adventure to a larger publication due out later in the year that I will also be writing alongside them. It can, of course, also stand alone and be fitted into any adventure campaign you might have running. It will hit Kickstarter in March although I don’t have a link and a date for you yet.

It will feature a hex grid adventure for the first half (I know, how classic old school) and then a tactical location based second half as the party follow the breadcrumbs looking for an explorer who was in turn looking for the fabled Sunblade Tower… more on that next time.


Yup, this was a big update, I don’t imagine future newsletters will be this long, obviously feel free to skip the dull parts! And, if it helps you stick around, I will see if I can work out how to include a money off voucher in the next newletter…

My aim would be to only send one of these out a month as I don’t want to bombard you – at the same time I don’t want you missing out on anything. I’m striving to keep up-to-date as well with news and updates, as well as freebies here and there.

Trivial point – March 8th 2020 was day I launched my first Kickstarter – The Three Trials of Abrina. It’s been a wild ride since then and only made possible with your support – thank you all.



(If the link doesn’t work search ‘Contemplation’ in the games section of Kickstarter)

The Oracle

(If the link doesn’t work search ‘The Oracle’ on Game on Tabletop)

Fight Club: Arena / Caswarren Docks

(If the link doesn’t work search ‘Fight Club’ in the games section of Kickstarter)


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