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So, as you might know at TGF HQ we use a lot of pictures from Pixabay and we have, for a while, been trying to give back to that community by uploading our work to there.

And each time it has been rejected!

So, in a final effort to share, we sent four pictures - two of which got rejected and then finally, two were accepted. What makes us sigh a little and shake our heads is that the two in question aren't particularly good. I mean, they are okay. But the rejected ones were better!

Odd, but that's how the world goes I guess. Our 'gallery' of two images can be found here

We will share more in the future but when you hit 10 rejection apparently they shut your account which we don't really want, so our portfolio might stay at two images for a bit! Until the, we will continue to share the images via the picture prompt blog posts each Friday - first two linked below:



If you ever want a higher resolution, or larger version of those images then just drop us a note through the Contact Us page.

Until next time, stay healthy and happy gaming.


P.S. The next Kickstarter is being actively worked on - due to launch soon!


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