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Well, I'm delighted to say that nine days after finishing the Kickstarter for The Three Trails of Abrina we have completed all the files that relate to the initial phases of release i.e. all the files for April.

We have, in the last five minutes, sent out backer surveys asking for email details and we have set up the required files on DrivethruRPG.

It's a thing - we are fulfilling less than ten days after the close of the project!

As a creative individual, I, and the rest of the team, now hold our breath as we get DM's feedback on the documents... will the adventure hit the spots they were hoping, is Abrina, as interesting a character as we think and is Rutus' map drawings and journal entries as entertaining as we found them to create!

Yes, we've released over 30 RPG Supplements over the years but this is by far our biggest project to date - and the first full adventure! We are confident people will like it and we have put hours of effort to make it as good as it could be.

Now, our jury of DM peers will decide the verdict!

And yes, it will be released to the general public, at the end of the month via DrivethruRPG but we want to ensure that our backers get it first. So, with Abrina practically out the door we are looking at our next projects and things are like this:


  1. Potentially, a quick two week Kickstarter to launch our monthly Patreon 'magazine'. This will be a monthly digital publication that will be system free and feature eight or nine different categories of fantasy RPG material every month - more detail below. The Kickstarter would be for a unique Issue Zero that will not be available anywhere other than through the Kickstarter! Nor will it ever be released in the future.

The only hesitation with the above plan is time, but we are fairly confident we have enough time to prep the necessary marketing material and organise the material content. If not, we will launch in May without Issue 0.


  1. The Journal of a Predator pledge level from the Abrina Kickstarter will be fulfilled. We are likely going to be offering this as a stretch goal in the late April Kickstarter so there is a second chance to snag it if you didn't go for it before.

  2. The next adventure (currently untitled) will be launched on Kickstarter. Three backers from Abrina's Kickstarter are helping us create NPCs for this one which is super exciting!

  3. Our Patreon will be launched - this is something we've been working on behind the scenes for three years and so of course we are rushing it out the door like crazy - just, well, because! A LOT of material has been drafted for it. Let me quantify that - the first 12 issues have material drafted for 90% of the written content. There is NO WAY we are making a monthly commitment to our readers if we aren't banked up with material!


  1. The May Kickstarter will be fulfilled.

  2. Issue Two of our Patreon will be published

fter that, well, we might need a lie-down and a rest - what with our new daily blogging schedule as well! Still, we love RPG games so don't count on us not adding to our list of objectives! Don't worry though, we are aware of the dangers of over-promising so we will keep our public ambitions within reach of our capabilities! Stay healthy and enjoy your gaming.


If you would like custom RPG material created just for you then message us via the Contact Us page.

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