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Cost £5.75

Purchase History

I was looking for a gift for an in-game birthday gift for a player. It's something I do for the players, in-game they will be given a gift at the same time as in the real world they are celebrating a birthday. Sometimes, the two worlds merge and I give the player a physical gift in the real world for use when in-game. These are always small, something such as a dice, token or coin. In this case, in-game the character has a truth coin that can compel an NPC to answer questions. Rather than giving the character ANOTHER trinket to carry around, I had the in-game coin enhanced by a friend NPC mage. It now provides one of two benefits, once per day in addition to its truth compelling qualities. The player had been rolling a die and choosing odds and evens when using the in-game coin but having them toss a coin seemed much more fitting. Hence the search for a single fantasy coin that would fit the bill. I hesitated over this one because of the price. Nearly £6 for a single fantasy coin? I wasn't sure. What I did like was that the pictures on the website, and Amazon, were nice and clear so I felt I could see what I was getting. Having purchased from Paladin Roleplaying before I was fairly confident the quality would be there. That finally did it and I purchased the coin through Amazon.

First Reaction

Nice size and weight but a little plain.

The website dimensions are accurate which is good

40mm diameter, 3.5mm wide and weighing in at 24g.

(That's 1.6 inches in diameter and just under an ounce in weight, for non-metric readers.)

It has what I can best describe as a blueish tint to it which almost seems to be shining through from underneath the silver. It's very faint but in different lighting, the coin seems to change from silver to almost an oily black. It's not a black coin and not a silver one either. That was slightly disconcerting to look at. It seemed well balanced but it's the biggest flaw was that I felt the detailing was 'soft'. The pattern on both sides is nice enough but it doesn't have sharp etching. This reduced the impact of the coin and made it, combined with the strange colouration, seem a bit plain.

As a comparison the Campaign Coins reviewed here have much sharper detail.

Considered Reaction

Perfectly serviceable and it's flaws just need accepting.

Flick through the pictures below to get a closer look

Ultimately, with a coin, you get what you get. It's not like you can enhance it. Sharper detailing on the design and edging to the coin (which all large real-world coins that I have owned have had) would make this feel more special when held. And it doesn't feel special when held. It's a bit ordinary. As it is, the coin is fine to hold, throw, toss etc. It's never going to break and so far has shown no signs of wear and tear. But it doesn't feel special and as a gift, it fell a little flat. The 'oohs' and 'ah's' were muted and I didn't get the positive jealousy around the table that you sometimes get when one player gets something and the others don't! Indeed, and I will review these separately, when one of the players started using the Paladin Roleplaying metal dice set that they'd received as a gift there was an abundance of positive jealousy around the table because they are gorgeous! This, unfortunately, is not.

One-line Summary: Works fine but is a bit ordinary, probably better options out there.

Value for money 3.5

Aesthetics 3

Ease of use/construction 5

Fit for purpose 4

Can be purchased here


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