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Random Generator - River Obstacles

So, I turn on the news this morning, BBC Radio 4 in case you were wondering, (you have to love the Today news programme). And I hear that a tanker ship is blocking the Suez canal. I come back to my office and lo and behold when I go on twitter the first image I see is:

I know it's a serious thing but it's also sort of funny - being just exactly the wrong thing in the wrong place... I'm sure there are plenty of parking jokes going on right now on reddit and such places online.

Anyway, it got me pondering... what sort of obstacle might be blocking the river or path that your party of brave adventurers are travelling on in your DnD or other RPG games?

So, I knocked up a quick random table which you might have some fun with:

You are very welcome to download it and use it in your adventures!

And just remember, when driving a really big boat... don't try a 3 point turn in a canal!

Until next time, stay safe and keep gaming.



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