Reaper Mini Subscription Box Review

(Picture shows the keepers from the box...)

So, in this review, I’m going to take a look at a monthly subscription box provided by Might Lancer Games in the UK. For £20 a month they ship you a box of Reaper Bones miniatures. I’ve been getting them since last summer, so I thought it was about time I got around to reviewing them!

They come in a brown cardboard box and arrive around the 2nd of every month. They tell me that you get £25 worth of Reaper miniatures inside. Now, that’s all well and good but given this is a random selection and the Reaper range is quite large how does it feel to get… well just about anything?

You know, pretty good. I’ve never opened a box and thought ‘meh, I can’t use these’. Have I always thought ‘Oh wow, just what I wanted!’ honestly…once or twice. There is always something fun in the box. Don’t take my word for it? Okay, let’s have a walk through the January 2020 box that is in front of me now…

First, up Mousling Ranger + Yeoman #77289…not to be honest a good start. I don’t like anthropomorphic creatures and certainly not mice. These I will not use – I will see if anyone in my immediate circle wants them and if not put them in the ‘to sell later’ box that I am slowly filling up with leftover figures and gaming bits.

So, that can and will happen. You will end up with figures that you specifically don’t want – assuming, of course, you are as picky as I am!

Next? Valandil, Wizard #77404. Now, I have no idea if he’s a ‘somebody’ in Pathfinder or a different game system so I’m not excited by the name. The figure, however, is a perfectly fine swordsman/wizard. Has a cape, sword, halberd…that’s one heavily armoured wizard. Great, he will fit into a DnD game easily.

Now King Axehelm of Kragmarr #77478 shows up…a lovely dwarf figure. Nice axe, shield and I’m not sure I have any dwarf figures so he again will be great for a character in DnD.

Full disclosure does require that I confess that I’m not a big fan of dwarves but they do show up in my adventures so it’s good to have one…and not a figure I’d ever deliberately buy myself.

Medium Air Elemental #77583 is the next out of the box. It seems like I didn’t have any elemental figures and recently a couple of ended up in my hands. Fine, they can always be used. It’s not as nice as some of the Reaper ones which are clear plastic – one of which I’m sure I got last month or the month before in the subscription box. Still, as I say, can always be used. Elementals do tend to be the creature you only buy one of and then the party invariably runs into more than one!

Arachnid Warrior #77181 – perfectly nice figure but one of my players who is in most of my games really doesn’t like spiders so I won’t be able to keep this one. I will say I do like the fact that this arachnid/human hybrid figure is a little smaller than the usual ones you get. Everyone seems to make them huge which, given they aren't that tough in most game systems, always seemed a bit out of balance to me.

Next is Ragnaros, Evil Warrior # 77150 One of those Reaper miniatures where the weapon arrives bent. I’ve found you can mostly straighten them out…handy as a guard captain or chaos bodyguard.

Three in one next with Skeleton Warrior Archers x 3 #77245 They are small, skinny and skeletons…perfect! In my mind, you can never have enough skeletons and I can see the

characters running into these guys very soon – and they look like they will be incredibly easy to paint!

Finally, the biggest figure in the box – Vrock #77262 Some kind of flying birdman type creature. I can definitely use that and I might even find him some friends the next time I order some figures. A few of those could make for a lot of fun in an encounter!

And all that is left in the box is the small bag of sweets that they always include (nice little bonus guys) and a leaflet with a discount code if you order over a certain amount.

How did we do? Out of eight blisters – and the number can vary a bit each month:

Add into that the sheer fun of a box of unknown figures arriving every month and you have a pretty neat gift or treat for yourself.

My wife very kindly bought this for me and is paying for it this year as a gift. Will I take over the payments when she stops? Frankly, it depends on whether I can keep up with my painting schedule – I’m not keen on the lead (plastic) pile growing so as long as I can keep painting to my very basic tabletop standard (!) then yes…probably.

Why probably? Well, Reaper Bones miniatures are a great way to bulk out your figure collections for DnD. However, to be honest the quality of the miniatures is variable. Some are absolutely great but others lack definition and detail. Reaper has recognised this, and their new range is Reaper Black – which has a more detailed surface texture to it. If I were to start to see some of those in this subscription box, then I’d be keener to continue with it.

I will review next months box when it arrives and hopefully, that will help clarify if this is something you think would be good for you or someone you know. I would say if buying it as a gift make sure the person is happy with Reaper Bones miniatures. Out of my two sons, one likes them and one doesn’t…they are rather marmite so check with your potential gift recipient first before ordering this.

As to actually ordering the box you simply go to

it’s £20 for £25 worth of figures and free postage.

To be clear, Mighty Lancer did not pay me or ask me to write this review. This is an entirely unbiased opinion. And I get no kick back if you follow that link and subscribe!

Until next time, happy gaming!


Chief Scribe, The Grinning Frog


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