Reaper Mini Subscription Box Review - March

I had every intention of reviewing this box when it arrived, but the best of intentions oft go astray as someone once said. But ever fear, here is the review of the March Reaper Miniature Subscription box from Mighty Lancer Games.

Kicking off proceedings I’m pleased to say the sweets were back in the box this month! (It’s the small things sometimes!) Anyway, there were sweets which was great, and I ate them looking at a really good collection of miniatures.

Alna, Female Valkyrie #77052, white plastic

This is a lovely figure that suffers from the bent sword problem that the softer white reaper miniatures sometimes have. In this case, the bend is over her head and you can get away with it without trying to fix it as it follows the flow of her position.

That said, everything else about her is great. A nice, single-piece model, good height, nice detail with an underdress that is heavily detailed and would enable even an amateur painter like myself to attempt some tartan patterning! Valkyrie figures can often be overdone but this is quite minimal. She doesn’t have a huge wolf cape on or anything ridiculous like that. Her style is definitely Nordic which is a blessing and a curse – she will stand out from other figures dressed in say Mediterranean clothes but if you were specifically wanting a travelling Nordic warrior woman then she’s a good choice.

It wasn’t necessary, but I based her on a round 30mm base for added stability.

Ghast #77159, white plastic

You’d have to mess up to get a ghast wrong. For those who don’t know think of it as a more lumbering zombie with longer arms. This is a nice example with suitably misshapen arms and a lurching pose. Every gamer needs more undead so this fits in just fine!

Female Antipaladin, #77299, grey plastic

Erm…the ’80s have called and want their women back…specifically their fantasy ‘babe’ warrior women. When I first saw the figure, I thought it was brilliant. Giant shield, good pose and from the looks of it some great detail. I wanted to see the front though as she came facing the back of the packaging.

What I failed to notice when she was in the box was possible the reason she was in the box backwards… her bum is entirely on show… which is clear when the figure is examined closely as whilst she has armoured legs on her front, her backside is bare except for a teeny-tiny thong.

I’m really at a loss for what to say. Here is a strongly posed figure, on a nice pedestal base, with an incredibly impressive and carved shield, nice skirt, armoured legs to the front (albeit with bikini top) and then you turn her around and…

I’m not a prude. Far from it. But I’m struggling with the internal logic of this piece. The shield is far too big for her to use properly, even discounting the fact that her axe is a two-handed weapon and she has some armour on (knee-high armoured boots) and then a lot fewer clothes on top and behind her.

I’m wondering if I can paint her like a stone statue, but the figure still doesn’t make sense. Which is a shame as I want to love it. Give her armour all the way around and I’d forgive the mismatch between weapon and shield.

I have glued the tip of her shield to the ground as it was heavy enough that only being held in her hand I was worried it would move and damage her arm.

I game with children, teens and adults. I’m not sure I can put her on the tabletop as she is. Mostly because I can’t explain why she’s dressed like that!

Avatar of Sekar, #77338, white plastic, 3 pieces

This is a larger figure, standing around 3 inches high. It’s a lovely figure and if you are doing a Dark Sun campaign or anything to do with Egypt or the desert and this will fit in brilliantly. I have a very similar figure pro-painted by a friend and when done nicely they look magnificent. A figure that I need to find a use for.

It is quite stylised though and isn’t going to fit all locations or adventures. You need to make this one fit into your story.

And he’s wearing the right amount of clothing!

Werebear #77446, grey plastic

This guy is great! He inspired the last blog about werecreatures. Again, like above he is a specific creature that you will need to add into your adventures but if you require a werebear this is a fine choice. I like his standing pose. It would have been easy to have had him charging or fighting. I like standing as this encourages more of the roleplay to come through. Thus using his ‘were’ nature more than his ‘bear’ nature!

Stands a good head and shoulders over regular 28mm figure from Reaper and I think the size is just right. Lovely.

Ghostly Summons #77095, green semi-transparent plastic

Right, so we had the confusingly scantily clad warrior, now we have two naked women forming out of a swirl of magical green mist – and I absolutely love it! (See, not a prude.) Why this is frankly entirely acceptable is that it makes some kind of sense! If women (or anyone) are going to be magically formed or summoned and appear ‘birthed’ from a pillar of magical fire…I’d expect them to be naked!

So, it’s not an issue – and the posing and flow of this figure is magnificent.

Because they’ve made it from a semi-translucent plastic you could leave the figure entirely as it is. I am tempted however to run a dark green wash over it to see if it will help bring out the details. There are swirls and looks in the mist that might come out nicely with some delicate inking.

Hill Giant, Lowland Warrior #77474, grey plastic, 6 pieces

Lastly, we have the biggest miniature in the box. I don’t tend to run adventures with giants in because frankly, I find giants pretty dull. Which is surprising really as my mum used to read me fairy stories about them when I was a kid – which to be fair, used to scare me silly so maybe my ‘boredom’ of giants is some form of a psychological barrier! Anyway, we digress. This goes together really easily and most of the joins are seamless when he’s stuck together. The only one that isn’t is the one around his waist. It’s a shame and it is quite visible.

Whilst I don’t think I will be using him much I do think I will try to fix that before painting him. As for the rest of him – great stuff! He looks suitably thuggish and brutish to be a dangerous opponent and the figure is both tall and wide.

The pose is also good with his left hand precisely reaching the floor at a level with the soles of his feet. This makes him nice and stable. I will probably put him on a base but I don’t have a large enough one free at the moment. It’s not essential but he’s impressive enough that a nice scenic base would be good to add to him.

Anatomically we could argue he has no neck but this just adds to his thuggish look so I can overlook it.

Top Three Models This Month

  1. Ghostly Summons steals the top spot because it doesn’t need to be painted!

  2. Werebear – close second because he needs to be painted

  3. Hill Giant – a surprising third place but I think he’s a lot more usable than the other contenders

So, a top-notch box with no duds…apart from the Anti Paladin who’s just a bit…exposed!

All the figures are available individually from Reaper Mini dealers. Mighty Lancer can be found here, their subscription service here and again I’m not associated with them at all and I (well, my wife) subscribes and pays like everyone else!

Until next time, stay health and happy gaming!


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