Reaper Miniatures February Subscription Box Review

A different shaped box arrived this month from Mighty Lancer Games. Slim and flat it caught my wife out with her thinking it was something nice for her...but no - figures for me!

So, how does this months selection measure up?

Six blisters this month, so that's down from six from last month. There are no guarantees regarding numbers just value so that is going to happen. Also some blisters come with multiple figures so it's not a good measuring stick. Additionally, a number of the figures are larger than a standard humanoid this month.

Before we go through them let me explain the composition of Bones figures as they come in broadly in three versions:

1) White plastic

The white plastic ones are the super cheap ones that people either love or hate - but they are a whole lot cheaper than any other figure lines. If you want a large hydra for your tabletop then you can get that from the Bones lines for under £15. Not something you can say of any other range! These figures also have the least amount of detail. Most noticeably on regular humanoid sized figures.

2) Grey plastic

The grey plastic might have a special name but there isn't anything on the packaging to highlight that. It has a harder texture and the detail on the figures is much finer and more defined.

3) Dark grey plastic

The dark grey plastic Bones are helpfully labelled as 'Reaper Bones Black' and are made from a firmer plastic, with again a much sharper level of detail. This is a newer range and individually those figures are more expensive.

Taking them at random here is what we have this month:

Nor'okk Ettin #77103 (Dark grey plastic #2 above)

It stands in classic Ettin pose with a raised club over its heads! It needs putting together as it comes in three pieces but it fits very easily. I do have an ettin figure, two I think, already so it's not uber useful but they are a fun challenge and this is a bit more reasonably sized than my other figures so I expect I can make use of him.

Dracolisk #77379 (White Bones plastic #1 above)

It's a small dragon figure...given I've played Dungeons and Dragons for years the parties very rarely encounter dragons and I have multiple figures already - frankly more than I need. This isn't that useful except it might make a good 'in-between' foe. It's not that large so it could stand-in for a winged lizard rather than a full dragon. One campaign I'm running currently is likely to head off to a desert region. If I paint this a sand/bronze colour it might have a use there. Not the most dynamic figure pose.

Kelpies x 2 #77275 (White Bones plastic #2 above)

Okay...these are diminutive naked sea creatures with tendrils of sea life floating around them. Not something I'd ever buy myself but one of those little oddities that I can make use of. Lacking much detail in the figures but I can see these being easy to paint up and use as NPCs who offer cryptic information to the players as they explore a river or seabed. A case of an unusual figure prompting ideas. Nice.

Leisynn, Mercenary Mage #77174 (White Bones plastic #2 above)

This figure demonstrates exactly what many people hate about Bones- the outstretched hand is casting a spell but the spell is completely bent down - see the picture. It can be straightened out but in my experience, it's almost impossible to fully fix such a curvature. If it doesn't straight properly then I'm going to cut the end off where the spell leaves the hand. The rest of the figures is quite nice - spellbook, horns and robes. He will feature in a DnD session in the future I am sure. Indeed, I have a semi-regular NPC wizard who doesn't have a figure assigned to him...I might just have found him!

Reeve Plamomap, #44019 (Reaper Bones Black #3 above)

Well, I mentioned in the last review that I was hoping to see some of the new Black Bones range enter these boxes and here is one! Perfectly good detail on the figure with a well-defined beard and moustache and clothing. He looks like a merchant or nobleman and I definitely have a use for such a figure. He is now either the Major of Fallcrest or Lucan the merchant. I think I will let my players decide which he fits best!

Behir, #77492 (Reaper Bones Grey #2 above)

Okay, this comes in multiple parts...a quick internet search ( shows me that this figure makes up an oriental styled snake dragon. I'm genuinely excited about putting him together...although slightly nervous. There are multiple parts and I wonder how securely they will all fix together. I will report back when completed. What I can say is this figure is definitely getting used. I can see them either guarding a temple or maybe more unexpectedly guarding a river crossing and demanding tribute before the party can pass.

So how do we stand out of our six blisters?

That's not bad as two thirds are positive and nothing is wasted. The ideas stimulated with this box are very exciting and anything that stirs the creative juices has to be welcomed!

And I think for me that's shone a light on this whole figure box subscription. If you are a Games Master running regular sessions then this is a fun way to bulk out your figures collection. Additionally, it will prompt you to contemplate how you might use the figures that arrive. They won't be exactly what you 'want' necessarily but they might be useful when thought about in the right way!

The only negative this month was there wasn't a free packet of sweets in the box! It's a tiny thing but I was a little disappointed!

I look forward to next months box! Now, where is my glue to stick Behir together...

Until next time, happy gaming.


Chief Scribe


The box is available and again I am not on any form of kickback or commission from Might Lancer Games. In fact, they probably don't know who I am!

The review for January's box can be found here


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