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Reasons the party are hired to find a necromancer

Some story ideas for the time poor DM or GM. This week, a collection of reasons why the party would be hired to locate a necromancer...


To slay the necromancer - such evil is an affront to the gods and must be vanquished.


To deport them - send them to the neighbouring kingdom where they can pursue their activities as much as they like.


To hire them - someone precious to the parties patron has died and they would like them back.


To retrieve their library of evil books - such knowledge should be studied by right-minded wizards, like the court magi. Then it can be destroyed after any useful bits have been extracted.


To retrieve the Rod of S'Ucro - this is the key device in their rituals and was stolen recently from the Black Vaults where it must be returned.


To rescue one of their servants - they are a distant relative of the parties patron and they want them back alive. They don't care about eh necromancer or their activities.


To kill them and destroy their books and materials - nothing must be left of their vile machinations.


To capture them and bring them back for questioning by the authorities.



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