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In this blog I'm going to, quickly as I can, spin through all the action happening on my desk relating to RPG supplements and projects right now!

If you are pressed for time the summary details and dates are:

  • 22 June - The Oracle Issue Twelve (RPG Magazine) Kickstarter campaign launch - this includes the option to purchase the exclusive issue zero LINK

  • Ongoing - The Sunblade Subclasses, Spells and Pantheon, (Player Compendium) for DnD5e on Kickstarter now LINK

  • Ongoing - Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities, (Magic items) - Posting this out now

  • Late June - Fantasy Colouring book Kickstarter campaign launch LINK

  • July - Creature/Monster Compendium coming to Kickstarter (probably)

  • August - Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities - general issue release via Kickstarter

  • September - Unnamed Halloween 5e compatible adventure


Well, we are one year on from the launch of the first monthly magazine - back then entitled the Dungeon Master's Adventure Pack and now renamed The Oracle.

It is quite incredible that a year has gone by. Whilst this is issue 12 I've actually produced 14 since things began as there were two special editions - Issue Zero and Issue S01.

It has been quite a learning experience producing the magazine each month and I suspect that it's only right and fair to say that it's actually taken until now to get into a proper routine!

I had prepared a lot of material prior to the launch date but then ended up writing an additional magazine (S01) for charity which was a particularly hard month. Along side the magazine I've written and published five adventures, three full size books and two smaller ones (including a gamebook). I'm also been involved in multiple other roleplay game projects across the time. That's quite a lot for one person with the only formal assistance being from the fabulous Jane Spencer who is the most patient and skilled editor I know.

I've had informal help from play testers, friends, family - and backers - and to all of those I say thank you.

Now, this is beginning to sound more like a year in review than an update so let's focus on June and I will maybe write more about the writing adventures later.

On June 22 I will be launching the Kickstarter for both Issue 12 of the RPG magazine but also providing an opportunity to purchase subscriptions and Issue Zero. That was the special issue that was released along with the original Kickstarter last year and hasn't been on sale since.

You can find the campaign here:


I will be reformatting it to the new format and changing the name. Knowing myself, I will likely tweak some of the content and likely add in new artwork! (Although, perhaps not, it's still looking pretty good inside I think.)

For anyone not familiar with the magazine it's packed with NPCs, magic items, creatures and all sorts of fresh RPG content. System-neutral as it's all about the story ideas. You can add the mechanics. That said, occasionally something specific to 5e does show up. Two months ago it was stats for guard statues in hell and last month it was a 5e sub-class written by Kelly - who you will hear more about below.

Later on in the month (I haven't exactly decided when) a really neat campaign will be launched on Kickstarter which is for a fantasy themed colour book. It's been on the drawing board for quite some time and I found an opportunity last month to put the book together.

It will be A4 sized, loop bound so it sits flat on the table making it idea to colour in from.

Several members of my family like their colouring in books but something I've noticed about the books is that they very often are far too easy or too hard. I've aimed at providing a range from simple to complex images. The above is one of the ones in the middle.

I want it to be a book that anyone who wants to chill out and do some colouring-in can do without feeling frustrated or outfaced.

You can sign up to be notified of the launch via the following link:


I'm also doing the layout and art design for the next Sunblade project from Awfully Queer Heroes. The campaign is already running and we just passed our second stretch goal!

It's a player compendium with 65 subclasses, 54+ spells and a bunch of gods and races. Kelly from AQH has done the writing and I'm responsible for it looking good! That's directly compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e - I should make that clear. As always, you could take the content and convert it to Pathfinder, Blades in the Dark and so on but it's a 5e focused product.

Campaign link:


Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities

This 100 copies limited edition book is now back from the printers and I'm in the process of sorting out the postage with folks so I can then sign, number and post the books out. It looks amazing - the general release edition will be coming in August. More details later.

Other Pending Projects

I'm intending to put together a creature compendium bringing into one volume all the creatures that I have released over the last year. This sounds like a ton of fun to me and I had intended to do this to match the anniversary of the magazine but I simply haven't had the time.

I've been attending several online marketing courses so expect to see the Frog popping up on Facebook and Instagram a lot more - there is no escape! Given I detest Facebook with an intensity that eclipses the sun this will be a test of will power.

Instagram is frustrating but similar enough to twitter that I think I could learn to like it... maybe even love it... but time will tell.

Along with those social media expansions I will be blogging more and also closing down the Discord group that has been languishing, without much love from me, for a year. Discord simple doesn't work for me and if I'm not going to do something properly then I'm not going to do it.

I have another project pending for next month but it's at such an early stage I will hold back on that just now. I will say that finally, this year, will see my Halloween adventure being written and released. That's been sitting in my notebooks for almost three years and I promised someone it would be this year so it must be! More on that in August prior to the September Kickstarter campaign.

Oh and I'm a good way into drafting next month The Oracle issue which is all about flying things... flying creatures, flying islands and such!

There are other bits on my desk but those are boring behind the scenes work things so you don't want to hear about those.

If you made it all the way down here then thanks - I know that's a lot of stuff but it's been overlong since I did an update. I will try to share more information, more frequently going forward.

Until next time, stay safe and keep gaming.


Link Summary

  • 22 June - The Oracle Issue Twelve (RPG Magazine) Kickstarter campaign launch - this includes the option to purchase the exclusive issue zero LINK

  • Ongoing - The Sunblade Subclasses, Spells and Pantheon, (Player Compendium) for DnD5e on Kickstarter now LINK

  • Late June - Fantasy Colouring book Kickstarter campaign launch LINK


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