RPG Publishing Update July 2021

I trust you are safe, well and surviving the heat! I can see that when I last wrote there was patchy sun. Britain just recorded its hottest temperatures since records began at the weekend and it's meltingly* hot out. I have a long car drive this afternoon and I'm looking forward to the air-conditioning! *okay not a word but it should be I thought it might be useful to provide a summary of events here for those of you in a rush. Summary in chronological order:

  • On Kickstarter now - The Oracle Issue Thirteen (RPG Magazine) - LINK

  • On Kickstarter now - Fantasy Colouring Book, passed the first stretch goal! - LINK

  • Live now - New subscription options on Patreon - LINK

  • In process - The Sunblade Subclasses, Spells and Pantheon, (Player Compendium) for DnD5e at the editing stage and well ahead of schedule

  • In process - Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities, (Magic items) - Posting this out now, cover design can stay for the general release which will be in August.

  • In process - GMs Toolkit, first release Unconventional Allies sent out early July, second release Magic Mirrors sent out 27 July

Publishing calendar

  • July - Fantasy Colouring Book

  • July - Issue 13 The Oracle, floating island theme

  • August - Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities - general issue release via Kickstarter

  • September - Unnamed Halloween 5e compatible adventure

  • October - Hal and Rogers Creature Compendium launching on Kickstarter



The Oracle Issue 13 After the anniversary edition, the only way to go was up... so we take to the skies in this issue. Floating/flying islands is the theme and it contains a lot of advice on how to make those work in your games. I talk about flying and falling characters and discuss just how do those islands float in the first place? There's an interview with a man who's been doing what I do for a good decade longer - Glynn Seal, an award-winning cartographer and RPG publisher. (He's really good!) You also have Hal and Roger coming back to talk about the creatures they meet - which include sky monkeys that I think are pretty cool although my favourite characters in this issue are the two gryphons named Sid and Nancy... read all about them inside. This issue is 56 pages long and you can see all the details here LINK I will email all subscribers whose subscriptions ended last month - which is quite a few of you as many people backed the original KS for 12 months. You can either create a rolling subscription via Patreon (easiest way) or dip in and out into the different Kickstarters.

Fantasy Colour Book - Live now

Suitable for all ages and skill levels (I mean not if you are 3 maybe but you know what I mean!) Passed the first stretch goal which sees two new pieces of art added. Backers got to vote and a lot of fun was had by all! When the next stretch goal is hit more votes from backers and more art will be added!

Vastral's Guide to Magical Oddities

This limited edition collection of magic items has been posted out to everyone who has provided their address (I'm going to check after this email if anyone else has replied since yesterday.) Feedback has been great: Singapore backer here. I just got my limited edition today! It's beautiful! It has a coffee-table-book vibe going for it! I particularly like the choice of font and the organised, airy layout. Thanks for a wonderful product! Carl I just received my hard copy and I have to say it looks awesome. I will take it with me to my holidays :) Nina The general print release will happen in August and I approached the artist who produced the image and I can continue to use it as the general edition is in essence the same book just being reprinted. That's GREAT news as I think we can all agree it's a fabulous image! Also, given that her dress, headdress, staff and the picture behind her all have powers in the book that relate to them it was going to be tricky if I had lost the use of the image. Sunblade Subclasses, Spells and Pantheon Well on schedule, I will be receiving the edited file back from the editor, Jane, later this week. Unconventional Allies The first of the content, Unconventional Allies, was released to backers earlier this month and the second was released about ten minutes prior to me posting this update. Hal and Rogers Creature Compendium As mentioned last time after a year of writing 14 magazines, 5 adventures, 3 large books, 1 small book and 1 gamebook I've produced quite a bit of content. Including a lot of creatures. This has been moved to October now. I've had some interesting design thoughts and I want more time to experiment with them. Halloween 5e adventure It will happen and be on Kickstarter in September (so you can have it in enough time to prep for Halloween.) I've just dug my notes out for it so the full writing will happen shortly once I translate my pre-game notes and post-game records.

And finally Thank you all for your continued support. Until next time, stay safe, keep cool and continue gaming. Stephen

PS This was originally posted out as a newsletter. The above is slightly updated.


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