Second Kickstarter Pending

And the journey has begun!

We talked about our experiences designing a cover for the new Fantasy RPG magazine here

The project itself has gone live and we are looking forward to not just the Kickstarter itself which starts on Thursday 30 April 2020 but actually delivering the magazine in May to backers and then from June to subscribers generally.

This has been bubbling away for so long it will be wonderful to share it with the gaming community. We are really looking forward to getting feedback and having ongoing discussions with the readers.

Our aim is to build a community around the magazine and have that community help shape the content and direction of it. The more involved everyone is the better it will be!

Alongside that, we are continuing to work with our pledge contributors on the next adventure, due to Kickstarter in May. We are still pondering titles and waiting for inspiration to strike on that one!

In other news

We see that Oathsworn Games have released the first game supplement for their fabulous Burrows and Badgers game. Called The Warren Percy Affair it is a two-player campaign system with a full rules errata for the game as well.

I haven't seen a copy but as soon as I get one, I will review it. Burrows and Badgers is a delightful skirmish involving anthropomorphic animals, with RPG elements i.e. characters continue from game to game and can grow (or weaken) in abilities!

You can get a copy via the link below:

Until next time, stay healthy and happy gaming.



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