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Six Random Bridge Encounters

Party reached a bridge? About to saunter over it? Well - you got a d6 to hand? Because i think we can add some flavour to there bridge crossing!

Below is a table of random fantasy rpg encounters for you to use. Enjoy!


Minotaur and Halfling Approaching from the far side of the bridge is a tall male minotaur warrior and what looks like a child walking alongside. As they get closer you can see the minotaur child is actually an adult halfing female. They are both dressed in practical travelling clothes. The minotaur has a large axe hanging from his back and the halfling has a pair of short swords swinging from her hips. They see the party and nod at them but make no other greeting, they are clearly intending to walk straight past.


Pooh Sticks An elderly but stately looking human female is leaning over the bridge side with a young elf child by her side. They are both laughing and periodically dropping sticks into the water before running to the far side of the bridge and looking over again.

DM Notes They will be friendly when the party gets closer but not initiate conversation.

  • If spoken to the woman will introduce the child as her grandchild and indicate they are having a quiet walk out and not looking for other company. She is confident and poised. She will be more than willing to point the party in the direction of the nearest village or town and she has good local knowledge. Her grandchild is shy and will try to avoid speaking. When up close it will be clear she is, in fact, a half-elf.

  • If asked what they are doing they will explain they are playing Pooh Sticks which involves dropping a stick on one side of a bridge and running over to the other side to see which one gets there first.

  • If threatened the woman will shield the girl with her body and warn the characters against any hostile action. She will also make it clear she has memorised their faces.

  • If attacked she will clap her hands together and both her and the girl will be teleported to safety. An ex-court advisor she is well connected and will report the incident.


Herd of Cattle As they are halfway across the bridge a large herd of horned cattle start to cross the bridge from the opposite end. Quickly the herd grows in numbers until it fills the opposite side of the bridge and they are walking steadfastly towards the party. There is no room for the party to push through and the cattle do not appear to be planning to stop crossing.


Lion Statue An old stone statue of a lion stands by the side of the bridge covered in weeds and grasses. When the players are within twenty feet of it, the statue will tilt its head towards the party and roar at them. It then returns to its original position and makes no further responses regardless of what happens.

DM Notes

  • If destroyed the statue reassembles overnight. It has the stats of a stone statue and offers to resistance to being attacked.

  • If examined closely dwarven runes can be found on its hind leg. They appear to spell out a name ‘Pankol’.


Ghostly Image As the party are halfway over the bridge a ghostly figure of a large tree-woman appears in the trees to the side of the bridge. The figure appears to be searching for something and after looking around her, and not being aware of the party, she rushes off into the woods in the direction the party are heading. The general impression is that this was an image of something that had happened in the pat rather than something occurring at the time.


Counting Raven – As the party are crossing the bridge they notice a large raven watching their progress. It is perched on a bridge support near the middle of the bridge. As each member of the party passes opposite the raven, they heard it quietly croak out ‘One’, ‘Two’ etc as it counts out the numbers of party members.

DM Notes Ravens have a long heritage in ancient legends as a bird that can talk to humans however ever since the popularity of Game of Thrones they strike me as a little cliché so feel free to change to any other bird – minor birds, parrots and other birds can also parody human speech and potentially a brilliantly coloured parrot that is entirely out of place in the land the characters are passing through might work really well.

Over to you.

  • If spoken to or threatened it will shake its head and fly off

  • If attacked it will attempt to dodge the attack and fly off. It has the normal stats for a bird of its size.

  • If killed it dissolves into dust as if it were a fragile illusion (possibly have it utter a final word as it disappears – e.g. ‘return’, ‘revenge’ or ‘enemies’. Something that will suggest that that act wasn’t the smartest play.


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

Some material from

It would also be nice if you’d send us a copy of the publication, but you don’t have to!

If you would like custom RPG material created just for you then message us via the Contact Us page.

Picture Credits:

Manipulation: The Grinning Frog team (Thanks for sending a copy to us without the person on the bridge in the original image. That made things easier!)


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