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Six Random Encounters Approaching a Fantasy Village

Party approaching a village? Got a d6 to hand? Well then, here's a table of random fantasy rpg encounters for you to use. Enjoy!


Mandrakefids The party observe that mandrakefids have been planted along the wooden wall surrounding the village. These are known to be carnivorous plants with a vicious stinging bite. They feed off small mammals and birds and are unpleasant, although not usually deadly to larger creatures. Characters with a good knowledge of botany might also know that they emit a high-pitched screech when they attack. This stuns their prey and makes them easier to catch. Some people use them as a combined form of pest control and alarm system.


Young Lovers The remains of an old collapsed barn lies just outside the village walls. As the party approach nearer they can see two humanoid figures huddled together against the wall of the barn furthest from the village. As the party get closer, they can see they are teenagers and making out. Moments after this the teenagers become aware they are being observed they break apart and, sorting their skewed clothing, run back to the village at high speed. Any human members of the party that were watching them will be 50% likely to recognise them again. 80% likely for anyone with better than human eyesight (elves etc). We leave to you the DM to determine their sexes.)


Graveyard Shadows A small graveyard runs up to the village fence off to the east of the path the party are on. Dark shadows seem to be flitting back and forth between the gravestones or possible through them. It is hard to distinguish at a distance.

DM Notes

  • Should the party approach the stones they find that the motion pauses as they near and then ceases. The more perceptive party members would imagine that it was as if small shadowy dark clouds were moving between the gravestones and tombs.

  • Should the party investigate they find that there are strange grey and black patches of discolouration on all the gravestones. It looks as if something has stained the stones. There is no discernible pattern to the discolourations. Additional Notes A thorough investigation will show that there isn’t a grave dated within the last three years.


Drunk Satyr A satyr staggers towards the party from the direction of the village. In her left hand is a wine flask and her clothes are stained with wine. She hails the party and drunkenly greats them.

DM Notes

  • Quite drunk she is unable to provide much coherent information about the village although she can confirm there is an inn with rooms (but bad wine) and a bar (with better wine) but no rooms and expensive.

  • If the party treat her well, she invites them to a party in the village square this coming Saturday.

  • If the party treat her badly, she moves away, telling them that they aren’t welcome at any of her parties.

  • Additional Notes Whilst she could be the local drunk, she could also be entirely sober and the villager’s way of checking on new visitors. Perhaps she is entirely capable of handling herself in a fight and is the head of village security. The next time the players encounter her might be when she comes into the inn well-presented and flanked by the village chief. (Assuming, of course, she isn’t the village chief!)


Ancient Stone Just to the left of the path before the village stands a tall weathered dark grey stone obelisk. Faded ancient patterns and symbols adorn its surface. Nothing meaningful can be gleaned from examining the stone but a sense of calm and welcoming comes over anyone who ventures within twenty feet of it.


Pack of Dogs Lying in the middle of the path are a motley collection of five or six dogs. Scrawny and dusty they get to their feet and amble towards the party. They half bark and sniff the air when about ten feet from the party. They don’t come closer than that unless food is offered then they will dart in, grab the food and retreat. If no food is forthcoming, they amble away after five minutes. Should any of them be fed then they will hang out close to the party until it enters the village or moves over 200 ft. away at which point, they return to their initial spot and lie down in the dirt again.


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