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Six Random Encounters in a Tavern

Party having a quiet drink in the tavern? Got a d6 to hand? Well then, here's a table of random fantasy rpg encounters for you to use. Enjoy!


Con Man A well-dressed man of adult age approaches the party and outlines, in some detail, how he is involved in the commissioning of a new toll bridge into the city and, due to bandits, unfortunately, his capital payment has been stolen. He is needing investors to loan him the monies he needs, which he will return, with interest, no later than the end of the month. The money is for payment to the Dwarven Smithy Guild and work will stop on the bridge without it, which will cause untold havoc.

Anyone helping him will not only make 20 per cent profit by the end of the month on their investment but also gain the favour of the major and other nobles. He can provide multiple character references for himself should the party be worried about his honesty. He is also willing to show them the bridge that is being built.

Whilst discussing it, an exceptionally well-dressed woman in rich expensive clothes (quite daringly styled) comes across from the back of the tavern and greets him warmly.

She tells him, loudly enough for the characters to hear that ‘she was talking with the major at a gala the day before and he was looking forward to the opening ceremony’. She then kisses him expressively on the cheek before leaving the room in a cloud of expensive perfume.

DM Notes

He is persuasive, honest sounding and of course a complete fraud. Yes, there is a bridge being built but that’s from city funds, not private ones and the woman is his accomplice. They alternate roles based on the people they are approaching and have successfully been pulling this con in several local cities.

They tell people they need 20,000gp but would only expect any one group to be able to contribute 2,000gp. Naturally, ego can get the better of people and they often get the full backing, at which these two skip town. Their target goal is at least 5000gp in any city before they run for it – bribing guards and tavern owners to help them as needed.


Contest A drunk bard who is a member of another adventuring party stands up at the next table and commences a song both loudly and brilliantly. Wild applause greets him when he finishes, and the audience starts to heckle the player's party to match his performance.


Dice Game A short rock troll with a beak nose comes over and sits down with a belch at the party’s table. He’s drinking from a silver tankard which never seems to empty.

Looking around the group he picks the youngest and challenges them to a game of chance.

He will roll two six-sided die, and prior to the roll, the contestant needs to predict the numbers that will be rolled.

  1. Get one correct and he will give the contestant a coin

  2. Get both correct and he will give the contestant two coins

  3. Get both wrong and the contestant gives him three coins

  4. Should the dice roll doubles, the payouts are doubled that round

DM Notes

We haven’t worked out the stats on this and neither has the rock troll – he’s drunk and just wants to have some fun!

We state coin rather than ‘gold coin’, ‘silver coin’ etc deliberately so you can pitch it at the financial level of your players! He will even play for matchsticks if the party is broke! The rock troll has plenty of money and is just having fun. Have him wander off whenever the players have had enough of the game.

To be clear on how it works here is an example:

Contestant calls 3 and 5

  • They gain a single coin if either number turns up

  • They gain two coins if both numbers come up

  • On a double 3 or 5, they gain four coins

  • If neither number comes up, they lose three coins

  • If a double 1,2,4 or 6 occurs they lose six coins.


Couple Trouble A middle-aged couple at the bar are drinking and laughing when an attractive young half-orc walks past them and slaps the eldest of the two on the butt and says in a loud, drunken voice ‘Don’t forget, we have another training exercise on Friday’ winks at them and walks out of the room.

The emphasis on ‘training’ heavily implies this is not the sort of activity a person in a relationship should be doing outside of that relationship.

The other half of the couple starts to shout at their partner and some pushing and shoving starts. They are close enough that one of the player characters gets an elbow in the back and another gets splattered with wine as the couple jostle with each other.

DM Notes

We specifically haven’t mentioned the sexes of the couple, or the half-orc so pick whatever you prefer. Just fyi – from our life experience we would say never get involved in another couples dispute when you don’t know them!


Rutus A large minotaur is at the bar drinking. He has stone dust and plaster all over his clothes and fur and his left eye is covered by a leather eyepatch. With his free hand, he is drawing a complicated maze pattern on the table. The more observant party members will notice that the dust is moving and forming complicated maze-like patterns that then fade away as he looks away and takes another drink.

DM Notes

This is Rutus, a sociopathic, but inventive, minotaur who features in The Three Trials of Abrina, a 5e adventure from The Grinning Frog. The players here encounter him in a mellow mood. He’s just finished building a new portion of his challenge maze and he’s playing with ideas for further tunnels.

Should the party interact with him the following are viable options

He will first respond:

‘Wanna talk ta me? Then buy me a beer.’

Should they buy him a beer then select from the following options:

  1. He gives them a tip about detecting traps (so provide them with a bonus save or roll on their next trap encounter – even one of his!)

  2. He gives them a tip about orientating underground (so provide them with a bonus save or roll they next time they need to navigate in a dungeon or similar)

  3. He drinks the beer and tells them something useful about the local area

  4. He drinks the beer and tells them to never trust a wizard they meet unexpectedly

After the above, he gets up and leaves saying

‘Gotta go, work ta do.’

He might invite them to enter the challenge i.e. go through the adventure which is available to purchase in our shop – so this could be another story hook into that if you wanted.


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

Some material from

It would also be nice if you’d send us a copy of the publication, but you don’t have to!

If you would like custom RPG material created just for you then message us via the Contact Us page.

Picture Credits

Manipulation: The Grinning Frog team


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