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Six Random Encounters On a Village Green

All villages have a Village Green. They question is - what happens on it? Got a d6 to hand? Well then, here's a table of random fantasy rpg encounters for you to use. Enjoy!


Village Drunk with Scroll The village drunk is slumped over against the maypole. Empty wine-skins lie on the floor around his feet and he is snoring loudly. Pocking out of his jacket is a parchment scroll which, unlike the rest of him, looks fairly clean.

DM Notes

It’s too easy to simply let them take the scroll even though all they have to do is pull it out (it’s tucked into his jacket quite loosely). We’d suggest at least a 10% chance that he wakes when they pull it out – anyone can trip over a wineskin after all…

What’s on the scroll? Roll a D6

  1. A map of the local church highlighting a secret entrance into the crypt

  2. A map of the area around the wizards tower out by the old salt mines

  3. Details of a meeting between ‘Mr A’ and ‘BC’ including how long they were together, where they met (the churchyard) and how they arrived. A note has been added saying the note writer thinks they will next meet in the village green two days after the full moon at midnight.

  4. A provocative portrait of the local major's wife

  5. A wanted poster for 'Absalom the Dark', Killer of Men and Beasts 10,000gp reward

  6. A shopping list of arcane ingredients


Dance Invitation A beautiful maiden is twirling and dancing around the remains of the bonfire from the Beltane celebrations three night ago. She looks fresh-faced and magically alive. When she sees the party, she claps her hands and offers to dance with the least conventionally attractive member of the party.

  • Should they accept she takes them by the hand and leads them on a wild, chaotic dance around the fire during which they gain a vision of a future encounter.

  • Should they decline she works through the party asking each in turn.

  • After dancing, or being declined by all, she makes a final twirl and dissolves into motes of light that float upwards into the sky like smoke.


Village Children A small group of village children are kicking a pigskin back and forth between them. They are laughing and joking. One of them scores a point that the others dispute and a disagreement breaks out. The point scorer is a ginger-haired boy, taller and older than the others. After a moment of arguing he grabs the pigskin and runs off into the village with the kids chasing after him shouting.


Fox Chase A pack of six mongrel dogs comes running onto the green chasing a fox that is leading the pack by only a few feet. Twisting and turning the fox doesn’t see the party until the last minute at which point it darts between the legs of the tallest character and away. In seconds the dogs will crash into the party unless they jump aside.

DM Notes

The players are likely to ask so yes if they step aside the fox is likely going to be caught whilst if they stand their ground the time it takes the dogs to crash through them will probably give the fox the chance it needs to make its escape.


Idyllic Peace The sun is out, and a sense of idyllic peace permeates the grass of the green. Whilst there are adventures to undertake and deeds of glory to be done for the moment the party gets a sense of rare peace and calm. Should they stop and rest and enjoy this moment they will continue on their way more relaxed and rested than normal.

DM Notes

Mechanically this could be represented easily by giving them a bonus to their next intelligence, wisdom or people-based check. Or you could allow them a roll to see if they can gain new insight into any puzzles/challenges they are currently working on.


Travelling Tinker A travelling tinker has set up his stall on the green. He is grew faced and travel worn. He only has very minor items for sale – thread, chalk, parchment, sharpening stones. He does offer to fix up any minor dents or rips in the parties clothing or gear. He will accept payment in coin, food or trade.

DM Notes

  • Should the party decide to kill him and steal his stuff then, first of all, I weep for the world and secondly killing an innocent tinker isn’t going to go unpunished. If people like him can’t operate in safety, then there is no safety and the authorities will come down hard. It would be very easy for a villager to spot the attack through the hedge surrounding the green and rush off to tell the authorities…

  • Should they talk with him he knows little about this village although he can give some basic travelling advice to anywhere within a twenty-mile radius. For example, he knows which roads are the safest.


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

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