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Six Random Encounters Outside a Merchants Store

Party going shopping? Got a d6 to hand? Well then, here's a table of random fantasy rpg encounters for you to use. Enjoy!


Urchin A grubby child who has been peeking around corners and following the party nervously approaches and points at the shop whilst indicating that their pockets are empty. They gaze up anxiously at the most sympathetic looking of the party with big eyes in a dirty face, one hand outraised, palm upwards.

  • If uncharitable the urchin spits at the party and runs off cursing them (this might have negative consequences in the future…)

  • If charitable the urchin smiles a big dirty smile and runs off down a narrow side street

  • If very charitable the urchin smiles widely then throws themselves at the character who gave them the money and gives them a big, dirty hug. They then turn and flee away from the shop dodging behind people and animals until the disappear down a narrow side street. Optionally they might have pick-pocketed the character…


Delivery Whilst the party are deciding who will go into the shop, four kobolds barge up to the door carrying a collection of wooden chests, barrels and boxes. They bash and clatter into each other cursing and grumbling about their broken-down cart and having to carry all this stuff for miles before they manager to manoeuvre through the door.

DM Notes

  • Should the characters help the kobolds they are startled and then grateful. The boxes are surprisingly heavy for their size

  • Should the characters ask what in the boxes there is a 70% chance that the kobolds will decline to say anything (but look a bit shifty) and a 30% chance that they will name a local mage. The chance of mentioning the mage is increased by 10% if the characters have helped the kobolds.

  • If the characters pay attention to the boxes they notice a stylised eye branded onto them.

As to the content of the boxes, we leave that to you however we are imagining there are a few illicit potions and not quite legal magic items/weapons hidden in the cases along with more mundane items.


Nervous Noble A well-groomed gentleman (nobleman) of middle age emerges from the shop. He glances around somewhat nervously at the party but relaxes when he sees they are strangers. He is clutching a parcel tightly under his left arm. After surveying the street he strides quickly off down the main road.


Angry Orc The door is flung open and a large angry looking orcish woman emerges. Pausing she looks back into the shop before shouting what appears to be a curse in an orcish tongue and slamming the door so hard the frame cracks. She glares at the party, shouts something else, again in orcish but this time at them, whilst pointing at the shop, before storming off in the opposite direction of the party.


Shop Keeper The door to the shop is flung open and a portly man dressed in a shop keepers tunic welcomes them in a deep voice to ‘the finest shop in all the lands, come in now for the best bargains’. He adds ‘All items considered for trade or coin is always welcome’. After speaking he stands, the door held open, smiling broadly.


Elven Assistant An elven woman rides up on a beautiful bay horse and greeting the party warmly. She tells the group that she is the assistant of the Maffico the Wise who resides in a mage tower north of the city by the old salt mine. She adds that whilst they could buy magic items from the shop her master has far finer wares and only slightly higher prices. With that, she smiles broadly at all, winks at the prettiest woman present and rides away.

DM Notes

You have several options here.

  • This could be a total scam and if the players follow the woman they are ambushed by brigands

  • This could be mostly legit except Maffico’s a) very expensive and b) his wares aren’t that good. In other words, he’s hired a pretty woman to drum up sales in an effort to compensate for being a third rate mage.

  • This could be entirely legit and for some reason whilst he doesn’t have a shop in town he does make amazing stuff and whilst more expensive the players will get better quality items.


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

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It would also be nice if you’d send us a copy of the publication, but you don’t have to!

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