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Slumber Shots - Magic Ammunition

"Welcome, welcome to the most magnificent emporium of magic items in this plane of existence. My name is Lucan, and whatever your party needs I will be able to provide - for the right price of course."

This week we have a handy little item for when you want to keep the body count down. I know, I know that probably isn't often but it's a good option to have up your sleeve or in your quiver!

Here, why don't I explain the specifics?"

Slumber Shots

Ammunition, Consumable

Designed for those situations were dead people will cause more problems than they will solve; these are a favourite tool in many a rogues arsenal.

Arrows or slingshot pellets that contain a swift acting narcotic and burst on impact.

The target makes a DC20 Constitution save or falls unconscious for 1d4 turns. On waking they have disadvantage on any dexterity based activities for a matching number of turns.

DM Notes

If the miss is within 2 points of hitting the target you could rule the shot burst near enough to provoke a DC15 Constitution save vs falling unconscious.

Stats above are for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

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