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Triptych NPC - Glimmer Cat Person

Triptych NPCs take the concept of a quick RPG NPC to the next level. Instead of having one individual that may or may not fit into your fantasy adventure, we are going to present the same person to you over three stages of their life!

That way, they will be ever more likely to fit what you need, and you might well get some story hooks or characters ideas from the changes that occur to them through their lives.

The life stages that they will be featured at is Teen, Adult and Old.

Ages are relative to their species - so a young elf might be chronologically older than an adult human etc.

Glimmer, Cat Person




You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

Some material from

It would also be nice if you’d send us a copy of the publication, but you don’t have to!

If you would like custom RPG material created just for you then message us via the Contact Us page.


Picture Credits

Modifications: The Grinning Frog team


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