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Product Elven Bridge

From TT Combat


Cost £7.00

Purchase History

I've purchased and built a lot of TT Combat buildings. It all started with a single purchase of a warehouse on a second-hand forum and within a short space of time, I had amassed enough buildings for a Mega City One (sci-fi city) sector measuring four feet by ten and picked up a small number of their fantasy buildings. Most were brilliantly constructed but others less so and TT Combat and I have traded a range of emails from 'very happy' to 'angry customer demanding a refund'. To their credit, it was all sorted out well enough in the end that I was comfortable buying more fantasy items when they started to release more. I had a game session coming up where I wanted an encounter to take place on a bridge spanning a city river. Ideally big enough to fight on with multiple figures.

First Reaction

Lovely. Minimal pieces and lovely detailing.

The scroll work is just lovely and is going to make this a bridge have a lot of character. I would have perhaps preferred something more generic than a heart motif - a flower would have been preferred but it struck me this could be a Lover's Bridge - a city location where it is traditional to propose to one's sweetheart. (By the way, I have no idea if that's a real thing I just made it up but it sounds like it could be a thing and it is now in my games!) Three sheets of pieces shouldn't take too long to glue together.

Considered Reaction

A lovely piece but unnecessarily hard to build.

As mentioned, I have a lot of experience making their buildings - from the tiny street furniture kits to some of the biggest towers and ruins they sell. Sometimes they are a dream... and sometimes, like this time, the kit isn't quite cut right. This is a new kit from the company and I suspect they need to go back and tweak the cutting machine just a fraction. The problem is that not all the pieces are cut out as thoroughly as they should be. Let me show you.

The red rectangles show a place where there the cut isn't quite long enough. Compare it to the green circles. Those connection points are perfect and you can easily cut the piece out at that place. It will NOT push free at the other points and indeed it's quite difficult to cut them out. 3mm MDF is surprisingly resistant to a knife blade! Once or twice on a kit and I wouldn't mention it. This kit was rife with those overly long connection points which turned what should have been a quick build into an hour-long struggle. I almost always cut the pieces out of their kits rather than push them free. I think the chance of tearing or otherwise damaging the kits is too high. With this one, I'd have torn it apart if I'd tried to press out the pieces. You have to build this kit. If I wasn't experienced at building their kits this might well have got thrown in the bin. Which for a simple bridge is wrong. And, it's fair to say, once you have the pieces out they all fit quite well together... okay apart from when you try to fit the second bridge side on. Then you are juggling and cursing at trying to get all the pegs into the holes simultaneously.

See below:

It might not look tricky but it is. Given how cleverly some of the other pieces on this kit, and their others, lock together I'm surprised they haven't gone for a different solution such as a beam underneath the bridge edge that the bridge body could rest down on. Stair construction is easier and very clever. They have recessed the supports so you can have a model standing on the stair and it's base tucks under the stair above - in other words, no more 'my figure is on the second step but I'll put them over here instead because they'll fall off the step'. I'm really pleased with that. By the time I got to finish the bridge it was after midnight and I was getting tired. I thus promptly but the last piece on back-to-front. (I wondered why it wouldn't fit properly given everything else had!) Luckily it just made the latticework on the top look different rather than wrong. I realised my error in the morning. I was left with two stray pieces which don't appear to go anywhere. Sometimes they add little giveaways on their sprues when there is space but these are just beam liked pieces of wood. Either I missed something or they don't have a purpose (the bridge hasn't fallen down since so I'm assuming they aren't important).

Finished product

Oathsworn Drunk Weasel, Reaper Mini Behir and Games Workship Wraith for scale.

Oathsworn Hare added here.

It's a nice scenery piece and spot-on for what I had been wanting it for. I just wish it hadn't been such a pig to build. You will need to store it in a box as the supports aren't that strong and this is a piece that I can see getting damaged if stored or carried without some care.

One-line Summary: A lovely scenery piece when built but unnecessarily difficult to construct.

Value for money 5

Aesthetics 4

Ease of use/construction 2

Fit for purpose 5

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