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We are at the UK Gaming Expo

We are at table 1-219 which means we are in Hall 1, table 219 and we will be on the map as RPG sellers.

We are taking practically all the stock that we have, including several items that are not on the website - not because we were saving them from the show but because I had forgotten to add them to the store if I am honest! These include printed adventures, copies of Hal and Roger's Creature Compendium and a very few copies of Abracadabra.

There are show discounts and bundle deals so if you are down and want to pick up a copy or two of The Oracle RPG Magazine then you can get yourself a saving.

We will also be taking orders at the store for anything in our back catalogues and all orders at the show itself have free UK shipping.

Perhaps more importantly though - this is a great chance for any of our customers to come along and say hi. It would be great to meet you all.

So, whether you want to just say hi, or buy two of everything we stock, do pop by!

The show runs from Friday 3nd June through to Sunday 5th. Something like 20,000 gamers visit over that period so if you come, expect a busy time. I went to the 2019 show and it was quite an experience. I've never exhibited there before so that's new to me. I know our good friends Loke Battle Maps have a big stall and their amazing map books are available to purchase. Ryan and I hope we meet a few of you over the weekend - he's the short one with red hair, I'm the older, grey whiskered one in case you wondered! If you can't attend then you might like either of the two Kickstarters that I'm involved in at the moment:

Volume three of the toolkit that gives you ten of... whatever the topic is, e.g. ten magic towers, ten villains etc

Until next time, stay safe and keep gaming. Stephen


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