We are listening and great news

Hi everyone,

Now, this has only affected about five people but in case I've missed anyone I want to let everyone know that we are listening. It turns out that the hello@thegrinningfrog.com email wasn't working like it should have. I could so easily blame the nameless IT people but frankly the error lies with me. I had failed to set it up properly.

All is fixed and working again AND in fact, the email is being directly monitored as one of the tasks that Ryan Falkingham the newest member of The Grinning Frog team has.

And Ryan is the great news - he's an eager young gamer who has joined us in the capacity as Marketing Assistant. He's coming to us through the UK government apprenticeship scheme.

He will be helping to fly the flag about The Grinning Frog and our publications and Kickstarters as well as creatively throwing in ideas and adding to the creative pot. One of the direct results will be that there will be more free content provided and shared on the blog and via other websites.

If you feel you are overdue a reply on ANYthing then do drop another line through to the email address above and one of us will get back to you.

Until next time, keep gaming!



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