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Werecreature Creation with 4 Dice

A quick set of random table that will have a fresh werecreature with a touch of background up and running in no time at all!


  1. Take 4D6

  2. Roll as indicated

  3. Using the Monster Manual for creature stat blocks

Werecreature Type

  1. Werebear

  2. Wereboar

  3. Wererat

  4. Weretiger

  5. Werewolf

  6. Choose from the above

Depth of Secret Nature

  1. Complete secret

  2. One person knew – they are dead now

  3. One person knows

  4. Several people know

  5. Open secret locally (+1 on the Awareness table below)

  6. Not a secret at all (+2 on the Awareness table below)

Darkest Secret (Which they be oblivious to)

  1. Savaged a male druid

  2. Maimed a female ranger

  3. Killed a sheep herder

  4. Killed a woman gathering firewood

  5. Slaughtered a courting couple

  6. Massacred an entire family


  1. Entirely unaware, they always manage to make it back home and hide traces of their actions.

  2. Bad dreams but not aware of the meaning, doesn’t understand why they wake up in strange locations in disarray often with torn and bloodied clothes

  3. Recently realised what they are and are coming to terms with it

  4. Have been aware of what they are for a while and are ashamed of it

  5. Flits between pride in their strength and power when turned but remorseful over the harm they can cause

  6. Embraces it wholeheartedly and hates their human form and time

Until next time, stay healthy!

Stephen, Chief Scribe