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This is a collection of Magic Mirrors for use in your fantasy RPGs. Each entry is a full page structured to give you, as a Games Master, all the information you need to incorporate them into your game.


Information is provided in the following sections:


  • Background
  • Abilities
  • Games Master Information


Whether in the hands of your NPCs or in the ambitious (power crazed?) hands of the player characters these mirrors have a lot of adventure potential. 


From mirrors that show the true nature of a creature, a mirror that transports the unwary far, far away, to an item that enables a dead character to still be in the game - this collection has quite some variety!


(There is even something that looks suspiciously like a disco ball but maybe we shouldn't have mentioned that one?)


System neutral we have avoided mechanics to provide you with strong story content.


These have been written by Stephen Hart as part of the GMs Toolkit series from The Grinning Frog and Trinity Knot Studios. It was originally released through a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Mirror Titles:


  1. Black Star Mirror
  2. Fairy Mirror
  3. Mirror Ball
  4. Mirror of Last Refuge
  5. Nicoletta Mirror
  6. Mirror of the Damned
  7. Mirror of Original Form
  8. Mirror of Choices
  9. Playback Mirror
  10. Not Yet Mirror


A digital product you will receive a download link immediately on ordering.

10 Magic Mirrors

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