These are an original collection of 10 secret societies and cults to use in your adventures. Each entry is a full page structured to give you, as a Games Master, all the information you need to incorporate them into your game.


From societies for liches to high roller gambling clubs where all bets are on these can form a useful framework to work in the background of your adventures. 


Information is provided in the following sections for all the organisations:


  • Motto
  • Background 
  • Society Organisation / Aims
  • GMs Information
  • Rumours
  • Tool Proficiences


As always with this series you have content from Al Pidwell, Stephen Hart and Ryan Falkingham.


System neutral we have avoided mechanics to provide you with strong story content.


These have been written in partnership with Trinity Knot Studios and were originally released through a successful Kickstarter campaign.




  1. Bone Moon - Secret Society    
  2. The Brotherhood of Stone - Cult    
  3. The Cerebellum Court - Cult    
  4. The Court - Secret Society    
  5. The Empty Hand - Secret Society/Cult    
  6. The Family - Secret Society    
  7. High Rollers - Secret Society    
  8. The Misty Devil - Secret Society    
  9. The White Rose - Secret Society    
  10. Worshippers of Olera - Cult


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10 Secret Societies and Cults