This is a collection of one use charms for use in your fantasy RPGs. Each entry is short, simple and gives you, as a Games Master, all the information you need to incorporate them into your game.


The names of the charms are:


  1. Blight Eater Charm
  2. Casters Boon
  3. Comprehension Charm
  4. Charm Ward
  5. Force Wall
  6. Fulgurite Charm
  7. Meeting Stone
  8. Mist Marble
  9. Mystic Syphon
  10. Soft Fall Charm


These are all brand new items that we guarantee will make a fun addition for your GMs toolkit. It's also only £1 - what's the worst that could happen?


[Note from Stephen Hart - I wish I'd thought of Mystic Syphon - it's an excellent idea!]


All written by Al Pidwell of Trinity Knot Studios.

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Yaros's Charms