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Abraca’s Hat - Magic Item

"Welcome, welcome to the most magnificent emporium of magic items in this plane of existence. My name is Lucan, and whatever your party needs I will be able to provide - for the right price of course.

This week we have a special on a much underrated item. This can not only help you entertain those pesky village kids that are always begging for loose change but also feed you when you are out in the wild. No, I'm not kidding!

Why don't you try it on and I will explain?"

Abraca’s Hat

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

+1 arcana

Wizards make their living through different means – some join adventuring parties, some wage war in armies and others entertain small children – the truly difficult career path! This item was created by one such entertainer who, frustrated at meddling kids removing their careful concealed rabbit they turned to real magic to aid them. And whilst it’s an item often derided by ‘real’ mages being able to draw a real animal out of a hat daily does make hunting for food a bit easier…

The wearer can draw from this hat, once per day, one of the following creatures. The creature drawn is tame to the hat wearer and can follow simple instructions such as ‘stay’, ‘run’ or ‘come here’ etc. This control last for an hour after they are drawn from the hat. The creature is also real and not an illusion.

  • Mouse

  • Rabbit

  • Ferret

If desired it is possible to return the creature to the hat and have it return to whence it came from.

DM Notes It would be fun to have the hat not working particularly well so that the creature drawn was random – including perhaps something of a similar size to the above but a bit more aggressive and less controlled!

Stats above are for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition


You are welcome to download and use this material in your home adventures absolutely for free. If used in anything produced commercially please credit us by adding the following note to your credits page:

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