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Charm of Soliri

Updated: Apr 9, 2020


Soliri was an eladrin fey witch and the daughter of a minor royal house. Her mother died in child birth and her father was a strict man with lofty ambitions for the future of their house. When her father discovered that she had been seeing a drow ambassador’s son and was considering eloping with him, she was confined to a remote tower and forbidden to receive visitors for a year. The solitude would, her father stated, help teach her the importance of keeping the right company.

Knowing the futility of begging for her freedom, her only request was that she be allowed to take into the tower a figurine of a cat that had belonged to her mother. Seeing no harm in it her father acquiesced.

Many would have gone mad under such confinement but Soliri was as strong willed as she was independently minded. And she had a plan. She laboured over her spells and enchantments and on the third month an explosion of magical energy was seen to come from the top of the tower. The guards investigated and found Soliri unconscious on the floor surrounded by the ruined remains of a magical workshop.

Whilst her wounds were tended, the workshop was cleared out, and all magical contents destroyed. Her father came to see her to find her in bed recovering, cradling the figurine of the cat. He fiercely forbade her to practise her arts until her captivity was complete before taking his leave of her. To his surprise Soliri agreed to this new restriction without protest, all the while stroking the figurine of the cat in her hands.

It is said that when the time came for her to leave her tower she strode out, confident and alert followed by a beautiful black cat with stardust shimmers in its fur. Other versions of the story say that in fact two cats left the house. Whatever the truth, it is well known that Soliri never returned home but that there were many sightings of an eladrin fey witch and a drow noble travelling the countryside often accompanied by a beautiful black cat.

This magic item comes in the shape of a cat ornament in either obsidian or similar dark material. When the activation – (command word spoken, and the figurine’s head and belly rubbed) an apparition of a beautiful black cat appears within 5 feet of the ornament.

The cat mews loudly and is playful and attentive, seeking attention from anyone in the room. It can be touched and feels like a real cat.


The cat is naturally alluring and anyone seeing it must make a save vs charm or be captivated it whilst they can see it.

The apparition lasts for 1d4 x 5 minutes. At the end of that time it slowly fades away purring loudly. Once used the power cannot be used until the following day.


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